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Alcohol in the News 

December 1, 2005 - December 15, 2005





1. Alcohol Advertising / Promotion / Sponsorship 

2. Impaired Driving / Road Safety 

3. Demographic Groups

            a. Youth & Young Adults

            b. Older Adults

4. Alcohol Controls / Liability / Licensing

5. Health and Safety

            a. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FAS/FASD) / Pregnancy

            b. Low / High Risk Drinking / Harm Reduction 

            c. Crime / Violence / Injury Prevention 

            d. Addictions Treatment

6. Workplace  

7. Industry News  

8. International Alcohol Related News 

9. Odds and Ends 




1. Alcohol Advertising / Promotion / Sponsorship 


R.J. Reynolds to discontinue promotion

Kristen Wyatt, New Jersey News, December 14, 2005 (registration

A cigarette promotion using coasters promoting heavy drinking has come
to a close after complaints.



                        See Also:

Cigarette Maker Pours It On Strong in Promo

Molly Selvin and Claire Hoffman, Los Angeles Times, December 14, 2005

Atty. Gen. Lockyer and others urge R.J. Reynolds to stop mailing out
drink recipes.



Naked's just too skimpy

Gordon Stimmell, The Toronto Star, December 14, 2005

It's a brilliant marketing label for four new wines meant to appeal to
twenty somethings. 



Study Shows Dramatic Growth in Cable TV Ad Dollars Spent by Alcohol

News Release, Center for Alcohol Marketing and Youth, December 12, 2005 

Children Continue to Be Overexposed to Advertisements Glamorizing
Alcohol Use.



                        See Also:

                                    Alcohol Advertising on Television,
2001-2004: The Move to Cable 

                                    This analysis shows high levels of
underage youth exposure to these ads despite the industry's
self-regulation of its marketing

and advertising practices and despite repeated public opinion poll
findings that parents want their children exposed to less of this



Marketing to Youth

Fact Sheet, Marin Institute, December 2005

Despite the alcohol industry's claims that it does not advertise to
underage youth, young people are consistently exposed to and affected by
alcohol marketing. 



Alcohol Industry "Responsibility" Programs 

Factsheet, Marin Institute, December 2005

If the alcohol industry is serious about responsibility, it should begin
by ending its own irresponsible marketing to underage youth. 



2. Impaired Driving / Road Safety 


Chronic drunk-driving brings six years in prison

Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail, December 15, 2005 (Subscription

Andrew Murie, chief executive of MADD Canada, said it is the first time
the maximum penalty has been imposed for an impaired driving charge that
did not involve death or bodily harm.



Criminal Code 0.05% BAC law will decrease impaired driving in Canada

News Release, MADD Canada, December 9, 2005

'Our impaired driving problem can't be blamed on so-called 'hard core'
drinking drivers'. 



Maclean's rebuked for shoddy journalism

News Release, MADD Canada, December 2, 2005

"Maclean's chose to feature a blatant falsehood and, in effect,
perpetuates the myth about BAC levels and impaired driving."



Shut Out Impaired Driving

Media Release, Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving, December
1, 2005

The Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID) is launching
new PSA's this holiday season.



3. Demographic Groups


            a. Youth & Young Adults 


Coach caught in teen-alcohol furor

Kelly Toughill, The Toronto Star, December 14, 2005 

New Brunswick dad charged after underage soccer players drink at his
home, but some parents think he did the right thing to prevent drunk



                        See Also:

                                    Adult Accountability

                                    Factsheet, Marin Institute, December

Responsibility for underage drinking is not limited to America's youth.
Adults who provide alcohol to youth play a large part in the problem.
Effective solutions include a community-based approach which holds
adults accountable for their actions.



RCC campaign: Drinking less is OK

Alice Gomstyn, The Journal News, December 7, 2005

Six out of seven Rockland Community College students have fewer than
five drinks each week, and college officials are eager to spread the



                        b. Older Adults


Education can reduce drinking in the elderly

News Story, Reuters, December 2, 2005

Providing seniors with personalized information about their drinking and
health can effectively reduce their alcohol consumption and other
drinking risks, new research found.



4. Alcohol Controls / Liability / Licensing


Bill offers city a vision of autonomy

City Hall Bureau Chief with a report from Karen Howlett, The Globe and
Mail, December 15, 2005 (Subscription required)

Among other things, the legislation will free the city to: Levy new
taxes, including on sales of alcohol, tobacco and entertainment, such as
theatre, hockey or movie tickets; Extend bar hours for special events
and set holiday store hours.



                        See Also: 

                                    How will Toronto use its new powers?

                                    Vanessa Lu and Rob Ferguson, The
Toronto Star, December 15, 2005

                                    Toronto will soon have the power to
levy a range of new taxes - from booze and cigarettes to movie and
concert tickets.


Emergency laws aimed to curb Australian rioting

Rod McGuirk, The Globe and Mail, December 15, 2005 (Australia)
(Subscription required)

Police also can prevent bars in trouble spots from selling alcohol for
up to two days and can declare alcohol-free zones in the city.



The Toronto Drug Strategy

Website posting, City of Toronto, December 15, 2005

Toronto City Council adopted the Toronto Drug Strategy report at its
meeting of Wednesday December 14th, 2005. Some minor amendments and
additional recommendations were also approved and will be posted on this
site in the near future.



Alcohol Tax Hikes Prove Popular in Poll 

News Story, Consumer Affairs, December 8, 2005 

Seventy-one percent of Americans support a five cent per drink increase
in federal alcohol taxes, according to new survey research commissioned
by the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).



                        See Also:

                                    Alcohol Tax Hikes Prove Popular in
New Poll

                                    News Release, Center for Science in
the Public Interest, December 7, 2005

As lawmakers consider slashing popular social programs to bridge the
federal budget gap, CSPI says they should instead consider raising taxes
on beer, wine, and spirits-which could raise more than $20 billion in
desperately needed revenue over the next five years.



5. Health and Safety 


            a. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FAS/FASD) / Pregnancy


Study Links Caffeine Addiction, Family Alcoholism

Jonathan Bor, Baltimore Sun, December 9, 2005

Pregnant women with relatives who abused alcohol are found to have a
harder time kicking the coffee habit, despite health warnings.



            b. Low / High Risk Drinking / Harm Reduction


Alcohol use survey by B.C. group shows Canadians are drinking more

Greg Joyce, Macleans.ca, December 15, 2005

There's more than money separating the rich and the poor - they also
drink differently, the co-author of an addiction research survey said.



                        See Also:

Alcohol dwarfs drug abuse as cause of death, study finds

Greg Joyce, The Globe and Mail, December 15, 2005 (Subscription

Canadians are drinking more and dying from alcohol-related causes at a
far greater rate than from drug abuse, says a new study from the
University of Victoria's Centre for Addictions Research.



Study: Wine heart benefit 'small'

News Report, CNN.com, December 2, 2005 

Drinking two to three glasses of wine a day may not be such good
medicine for the heart after all, a team of experts say in a leading
medical journal.



                        See Also: 

                                    Alcohol's health benefits doubted  

                                    News Report, BBC News, December 2,

                                    Any heart gains from drinking
alcohol in moderation are likely outweighed by the harm, say



            c. Crime / Violence / Injury Prevention


Secondhand Effects of Alcohol Use 

Fact sheet, Marin Institute, December 2005

Alcohol use is responsible for increased violence and crime, decreased
worker productivity, higher health insurance premiums, and deaths and
injuries from drinking-driving crashes. Drinkers alone do not pay these
costs-everyone splits the bill.  



Drinking Moms Pass Problem on to Teens

News Summary, Join Together, December 1, 2005

Women who drink regularly and are depressed are more likely to have
teenagers with drinking problems, according to Australian researchers.



            d. Addictions Treatment


Addiction, suicide return to Innu village

Marie Wadden, The Toronto Star, December 13, 2005

Alcoholism has created many severe social problems among Canada's last
nomadic people - the Mushua Innu who lived in tents until 1967 - that
the community is supposed to be "dry." But that's only the surface,
beneath there's a thriving black market for booze and no one seems to
know how to stop it.



6. Workplace


Sorry - No Articles Found.


7. Industry News


Beer price war helps Brick

Canadian Press, The Toronto Star, December 13, 2005

Consumer thirst for cut-price beer drove earnings up 51 per cent for
Brick Brewing Co. in its latest quarter, as the company struggled to
keep pace with demand.



8. International Alcohol Related News


Finns pay health price for cutting alcohol tax

News Report, Reuters, December 9, 2005

An extra three hundred dead and a more than 10-percent increase in
alcohol-related diseases -- Finland has paid a high price for cutting
its tax on alcohol in 2004, national health research agency Stakes said
on Friday.



9. Odds and Ends


Players can Brew-opolize

Susan Sampson, The Toronto Star, December 14, 2005

Two to six can play Brew-opoly. The rest can sit around drinking.



Alcohol Concern launches guide to surviving Christmas

News Release, Alcohol Concerns, December 13, 2005 

As the party season approaches its peak, leading charity Alcohol Concern
has launched a guide to surviving Christmas for festive party-goers.



Alcohol- Facts and Myths- Keep Safe This Christmas Says ALAC 

News Release, ALAC, December 8, 2005 (Australia)

Facts and Myths about alcohol consumption.



Beer, liquor labeling coming to a head

John Schmeltzerm, Chicago Tribune, December 4, 2005

Answers should be as easy to come by as asking the bartender to read the
label on the bottle, but you won't find that information there. The
government does not allow it.




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