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Learn the art of improv as it is taught in Chicago, New York City and

Founded by artistic director Kevin Patrick Robbins, the Impatient
Theatre Co. is aggressive in its instruction, pushing its students to
learn and discover the best within themselves. Our program teaches the
craft and art of improvisation using modern exercises and techniques. 
Studying with a company that specializes in long-form improv, as we do,
is a fundamental credential on an actor's resume. It belongs on yours.

Agents, producers and casting directors know that improv training and
experience enriches the actor's instincts, focus and openness to events
in a scene that make direction easier. Actors with improv training are
typically more relaxed and confident in auditions, on set and on stage
because they have the ability to create whole scenes and entertain
audiences without advanced preparation.

The Impatient Theatre co. approach to improv focuses on quickly
developing strong and memorable characters, relationships that matter,
and environments and object work that satisfy an audience. While the
gags and comedy games of other improv approaches may evoke
laughter from an audience, we believe our long-form approach has the
potency to create incredibly personal theatre that inspires awe as well
as laughter.


This course introduces the student to the practical foundations of
improv and the Impatient Theatre Co. approach to improvisation: focusing
on the individual, emphasizing initiation, character development and
ensemble performance. Students will also be introduced to the Harold,
the foundation form for Impatient Theatre Co. long-form improv

Next UNIT 1 session begins Sept. 20
Every Saturday 12-3 p.m. for 8 weeks
Runs until Saturday, Nov. 8

96 Spadina Ave. (The Darling Building)
Suite 802 (double red doors)
SW corner of Spadina and Adelaide

Kevin Patrick Robbins, Artistic Director

A graduate of The Second City Training Centre's Conservatory Program,
Kevin has studied with Michael Gellman; Zach Ward; the Annoyance
Theatre's Mark Sutton, Joe Bill and Mick Napier; and, the Improv
Olympic's, Jeff Griggs, Craig Cackowski, Peter Gwynn, Susan Messing.
Kevin is the founder and executive producer of the Toronto International
Improv Festival and board member of the International Improvisation
Alliance. He was also the founder and director of The Impatients, a
long-form improvisation ensemble now known as 10-100.

If you're interested in enrolling in classes with the Impatient Theatre
Co. or would like more information, please call 416-435-4795 or visit us
online at www.impatients.com.

$140.19 + 7% GST = $150
$112.15 + 7% GST = $120

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