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Equity Council's Independent Theatre Review Committee has completed work on its national member survey, and the email questionnaire will roll out across the country starting next week!  This survey takes an in-depth look at the current state of engagement in small-scale theatre, and we are committed to hearing from as many members as possible!

Whether or not you work regularly under Equity's current small-scale theatre agreements (the Co-Op Guidelines, Festival Policy (formerly Fringe Waiver), Guest Artist Policy, Indie (Independent Artists Projects Policy), or Small Scale Theatre Addendum (SSTA)), we want to hear your thoughts about what "small-scale" means, and about what you'd like to see Equity do to improve its support for the creation of independent and small-scale work.  The survey is designed to get members' views on how the Association is currently meeting the challenges of small-scale theatre production in Canada, and it provides you an opportunity to tell us what working conditions, benefits and protections are most valuable to you and your career.

Members with an active email address on file with the office will receive notification and instructions, directly from Leger Marketing, beginning on February 23. In order to speed processing and enable the kind of analysis that will be needed on the results, this survey will only be conducted electronically.

Prior to completing the survey, it would be very useful for you to take some time to reflect on your small-scale theatre experiences in the past few years.  What do you enjoy?  What works well in terms of Equity's support for small-scale theatre work? How could it be improved?  Who should have access to small-scale theatre agreements, and what terms should be permitted under those agreements?

The results of this survey will have a direct impact on policies that will determine Equity's level of support for small-scale and independent theatre, and this could have a significant impact on your career.  We hope you'll take the time to share your thoughts with us.
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