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The Liberal government has released its 2017 budget today. The key arts and
culture highlights in the 2017 budget are below:


Canada Cultural Spaces Fund: $300 Million over 10 years. This funding will
be used “to construct, renovate and better equip the creative spaces and
hubs that will be home to the next generation of artists and innovators.”
(2017 budget, p.142)

Enabling Accessibility Fund: $77 Million over 10 years. This funding
“supports the construction and renovation of public spaces to make them
more accessible, making it possible for Canadians with disabilities to
participate more fully in their community and the economy.” (2017 budget,


“I’m glad to see the continuation and expansion of the Enabling
Accessibility Fund,” said Arden R. Ryshpan, Equity’s Executive Director.
“This was one of our key recommendations in our pre-budget submission last
year - and accessibility to arts and culture spaces was the main focus of
our Summer 2016 issue of EQ Magazine.”

In July 2016, Arden met with Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage Graham
Flack to address accessibility issues for Equity members on and backstage.
Equity will continue to advocate that Enabling Accessibility funds be
allocated for this purpose.

Equity was disappointed to see the discontinuation of the ‘Showcasing
Canada’s Cultural Industries to the World’ initiative that promised $25
Million in annual funding in the 2016 budget for the 2017/18 fiscal year.
Additionally, Equity will continue to advocate on issues not addressed in
the budget. These issues include the development of an international
development strategy for Canadian arts and culture, and improvements to
Canada’s taxation and copyright regimes both for individual artists and
not-for-profit live performance organizations.

Read more about the 2017 budget:


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