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I'm still reviewing but it has been brought to our attention that significant woodlands will been under greater threat if the York Regional official Plan is adopted as is.  Please have a look at the ROPA June draft page 15-17 pay particular attention to 38B pg 17.


Basically woodlots by themselves are significant.  But if, for instance there is only 60% of the woodlot that has significant plants, trees, PSI, ANSI then 40% may be considered for removal if they are within the urban and expansions envelope.  Tree
 planting can be mitigated anywhere in the Region to replace the trees, but not necessarily in the community that they were removed from. 

Many of our existing tree cover is already fragmented in York Region.  We pass by woodlots each week in industrial, commercial
 and agricultural areas that are part on the Significant Woodland Study.  These would be under threat and further erosion to our target goals for more canopy.  These areas are by in large large intact mature treed areas.  TRCA is now initiating targets any land for restoration, not just significant areas.  Natural Heritage Systems need these other components in our landscape to assist in protecting our communities. 

Please have a look and comment back as soon as possible to this group and if possible send a letter and/or make a deputation to YR Planning & Development on Dec 2, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.










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