[getsmart-l] White belts & York Region new Official Plan: What the fuss is all about

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The York Region Official Plan - December 2009 - was considered
at Regional Planning and Economic Development Committee on December 2,
2009 at 1:00 p.m. The Staff Report recommended that the York Regional
Official Plan - December 2009 be adopted by Council of the Region of
York at it's meeting of December 16, 2009.
York Region Official Plan - staff report - Recommendation to adopt


Report of outcome of Committee Meeting from Karen Cilevitz

"Karen Cilevitz" <karen at gwsergo.com>       Thursday, December 3, 2009

At a Planning and Economic Development Committee meeting...
at Region headquarters in Newmarket, ... the motion by Markham Regional
Councillor Jim Jones to have the YR Official Plan (OP) deferred until Markham
had greater and more intensive consultation with the Region, was voted down,
but his motion to amend the attenuated OP to include separate consultation by
Region Planning Staff with each municipality, was passed.  The Committee
further stated that the “asterisks or stars” appearing on the draft
map of the Region, are only “conceptual” in nature and don’t
signify specified definitive areas for “growth”.

Some background


Over the next 25 years, York Region will experience
continued rapid population and employment growth. The Ontario
Government forecasts that by 2031, the Region will:

Add 570,000 people, to bring our population to 1.5 million people

Add 345,000 jobs, to bring our employment to 780,000
To adequately plan for these increases, York Region faces a number of issues, including:

Protecting our natural heritage and maintaining our high quality of life.

Accommodating significant population and employment growth.

Addressing traffic congestion and ensuring that there is appropriate infrastructure investment to support growth rates.

Ensuring that human services keep pace with growth.

Maintaining a vibrant economy and attracting employment.
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