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Subject: The Site 41 landfill was stopped by mounting campaign of citizen
opposition- is it the end of landfills
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Western symposium explores the possible end of landfills
By Communications Staff University of Western Ontario
Thursday, September 9, 2010

Following the closure of a landfill in nearby Simcoe County – just weeks
before its scheduled opening – The University of Western Ontario will host
a symposium to dissect the reasons behind the failed project and to
explore the notion that the result could lead to the eventual demise of
this most common method of waste treatment.

The Site 41 landfill (http://www.ene.gov.on.ca/en/land/site41/index.php)
in Tiny Township was under construction last year, but a mounting campaign
of citizen opposition (http://stopdumpsite41.ca/) and the very
hydrological features that initially made the site attractive to engineers
led to its eventual demise.

Organized jointly by Western’s Centre for Environment & Sustainability
(http://www.uwo.ca/enviro/) and the Elmvale Foundation
(http://www.elmvalefoundation.org/), the four-day symposium is led by
William Shotyk (http://www.shotyk.uni-hd.de/), an environmental
geochemistry professor from the Institute of Earth Sciences at the
University of Heidelberg in Germany, who is currently serving as the W.S.
Fyfe Distinguished Scientist in Residence for the Department of Earth
Sciences at Western. His co-organizer is Michael Goodsite
(http://person.au.dk/mgo@dmu.dk), a professor from the Department of
Atmospheric Environment at the National Environmental Research Institute
at the Aarhus University in Roskilde, Denmark.

“The purpose of the symposium is two-fold,” says Shotyk “First, to provide
an objective and factual review of both sides of the dilemma, which was
Site 41. Second, since the landfill will never be completed, what will be
done with the growing volumes of waste? This is a dilemma not unique to
Simcoe County but rather being experienced by municipalities across the
province and indeed the world, where many landfills are approaching

“By bringing together the experts, practitioners and decision makers under
one roof, we have an opportunity to identify the lessons learned from Site
41 and use these as a best practice case of waste management as we move
towards a ‘zero waste’ future.”

Speakers include geologists, engineers, economists, historians, and
lawyers, as well as representatives from municipal and provincial
governments, industry, and the local community.

Following introductory lectures for Western graduate students by Shotyk
(Monday September 13), there will be two days of panels and discussion
(Tuesday, September 14 and Wednesday, September 15), followed by a visit
to Site 41 by participants on Thursday, September 16.

For more information on the Site 41 Symposium or to register, please
contact Holly Sanderson at esadmin at uwo.ca

MEDIA CONTACT: Jeff Renaud, Senior Media Relations Officer, 519-661-2111,
ext. 85165

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