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Calgary's CAPES is accepting applications to its Artist Roster

CAPES is a non-profit society which exists to infuse the arts into the
school curriculum enhancing learning and citizenship for all students.

The goal of CAPES is not to “teach the art,” though, certainly, learning
about and exposure to various artistic disciplines will be a valuable
by-product of the program.Rather, through the CAPES and ArtsSmarts programs,
we endeavour to teach the core curriculum ­ math, science, social studies,
language arts and so on ­ through the vehicle of the arts.The arts become a
mechanism to engage the creative, emotional, kinesthetic and rational
capacities of children to build deeper knowledge and broader, more
connected, understanding of curricular concepts.CAPES pays artists to work
with teachers to develop arts-integrated curricular projects.In 2002/03,
approximately twelve Calgary schools will be involved in the CAPES project,
and approximately 15 schools will be involved in ArtsSmarts projects, as
well as artists from all artistic disciplines (dance, drama, literary arts,
music and visual arts).

If you are interested in finding out more about CAPES or applying to be on
the CAPES roster, please contact us at: 294-6347

Deadline for applications is March 15, 2002

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