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Please take a minute to review the names on the list below. Do you know
an Equity member who has RRSP funds on hold because the trust company
could not deposit it to an active account? 

Or is your name on this list?

If so contact In accordance with Equity's bylaw 66.(c), failing to have
a valid RRSP account will result in the assignment of the money to the
Actors' Fund of Canada.

But it is not too late for an Equity member to make an RRSP contribution
for deductions from their 2009 income tax.

Anyone with RRSP monies on hold with Equity must contact Colleen Didur,
Equity's RRSP Administrator, as soon as possible, by email to
rrsp at caea.com or by phone to 1-800-387-1856 (416-867-9165 in Toronto)

Equity members who have RRSP money on hold from 2009-2010:
Hamza Adam
Ken J Agrell-Smith
Carl Alacchi
Kate Aldrich
Nina Arsenault
Simon Ash
Dean Bareham
Barbara Barnes
Jak Barradell
Jeffrey Bate Boerop
Isaiah Bell
Tess Benger
David Bonneville
Ryan Booth
Dominique Bourassa Brownes
Barbara Bourget
Erin Brett
Christina Broccolini
Darren Burkett
James Cade
Brent Calis
Esteban Cambre
Irene Carl-Sankoff
Shannon Chan-Kent
Wei Chen
Robert Clark
Tyson Coady
Guido Cocomello
Karen Cogan
Sascha Cole
Gwendolyn Collins
Christopher Cook
Janelle Cooper
Marc-Antoine d'Aragon
Lucinda Davis
David DeBesse
Christopher DeHaan
Jason DeRosse
Joyce El-Khoury
Rachel Eugster
Meegwun Fairbrother
Adam Fisher
Molly Flood
Rachelle Fordyce
Greg Frankson
Kyle Gatehouse
Kyle Gillis
Briony Glassco
Tyler Gledhill
Veronica Good
Jason Graae
Donna	Greenidge
Kevin Hammond
David Hein
Martha Henry
Jessica Holmes
Chris Humphreys
Bryan Hymel
Keelin Jack
David James
Dan Jeannotte
Almeera Jiwa
Sharleen Joynt
Ainsley Kendrick
Michelle Kennedy
Adrian Kramer
Amy Kucharuk
Bill Lake
Mark Lawes
Lester Lee
Andrew Legg
Kiara Leigh
David Light
Chantelle Lomness-Seely
Matthew MacInnis
Philippa Mackie
Tom Macleay
Michael Mader
Yvette Martin
William Matthews
Laura McCarthy
Ken McClure
Ashley McMurdo
Melissa McNeil
Carmen Melillo
Dalelle Mensour
Chimwemwe Miller
Gina Morel
Ian Morton
Alistair Newton
Mayko Nguyen
Rose-Ellen Nichols
Jana O'Connor
Nicole Olszewski
Kyle Orzech
Simone Osborne
Aaron Water Piepszny
Gillian Pinckney
Nicole Piotrkowski
Paula-Jean Prudat
Simon Rainville
Reyneris Reyes
Mike Rigler
Meghan Roberts
Milosh Rodic
Maureen Ross Neilson
David Roth
Kat Sandler
Jim Selman
Kaitlyn Semple
Warona Setshwaelo
David Shelley
Tetsuro Shigematsu
Vivien Shotwell
Kris Siddiqi
Andre Simoneau
Joel Smith
Myla Southward
John Sproule
Daniel Robert Sullivan
Spirit Synott
Kelsey Ter Kuile
Jacqueline Thair
Tazewell Thompson
Jamie Tissington
Jamie Tognazzini
Constance Towers
Robert Tsonos
Taz Van Rassel
Jeffrey Victor
Fiona Vroom
Anna Walisser
Dan Watson
Barbara Wheeldon
Jonathan Widdifield
Van Wilmott
Bill Wood
H John Wright
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