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Fri Jan 21 15:50:48 EST 2011

The Tangerine Project is ready for a test run!

Equity and PACT are pleased to announce that the Tangerine Project is now available. This pilot project is designed to offer more flexible contracting options for the development and production of new work. From creation to production, the Tangerine Project offers an easy and integrated way to go from an idea to opening night.

Jointly created by both Equity and PACT, and with thoughtful consideration for the changing needs of new performance creation and the challenges that new work often confronts, the Tangerine Project is an innovative addendum to the current Canadian Theatre Agreement. 

Information and application documents have been posted on both the PACT and Equity websites - http://www.caea.com and http://www.pact.ca.

All independent producers, theatre companies as well as PACT members and affiliates are welcome to submit applications to work under the Tangerine Project. Independent producers and theatre companies that are not PACT members or affiliates should contact Nan Carson (see  below) for more information.

PACT and Equity hope that the test run by the theatre community will be productive for both theatres and artists. The project will also provide useful information about current theatre practice in order to inform future CTA negotiations.

For more Tangerine Project information or to submit an application, please contact:

Keith Davidson
Canadian Actors' Equity Association
44 Victoria Avenue 12th Floor
Toronto, ON  M5C 3C4
Tel: (416) 867-9165
Fax: (416) 867-9246
Email: keith at caea.com
Nan Carson					
Professional Association of Canadian Theatres
215 Spadina Avenue Suite 555	
Toronto, ON  M5T 2C7
Tel: (416) 595-6455 ext. 14
Fax: (416) 595-6450
Email: nan at pact.ca	
Canadian Actors' Equity Association
44 Victoria Street, 12th floor
Toronto, ON  M5C 3C4
tel: 416-867-9165
fax: 416-867-9246
communications @caea.com

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