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TO. Greenspiration Events


MAD PRIDE 2009 in Toronto

July 13 to 19th has been proclaimed Mad Pride Week in the City of  

A week of activities celebrating psychiatric survivors, consumers and  
mad folks will take place at CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental  
Health), PARC (Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre), and May Robinson  
Auditorium (20 West Lodge, one block east of Lansdowne, one block  
north of Queen). All events are free.

For comprehensive event listings link to or talk to us on

For further details contact madpridetoronto at


Help Plan a Day of Solidarity in Support of Communities that say
'No' to Destructive Open-Pit Mining!

**Creative Action-Planning Meeting in Toronto**

6pm, Wed. July 15th
@ 720 Spadina, Unit 101 (CAW Local 40) (just south of Bloor)


What's this all about?

On July 22nd, the Toronto ad hoc coalition against open pit mining  
plans to
hold an awareness-raising event along Bay Street. We will be  
our support of communities from Turtle Island, Abya Yala, Africa,  
Asia and
Oceana resisting proposed and ongoing mining operations in which  
companies with listings on the TSX are implicated in environmental
devastation and human rights abuses. The initial call for global  
was sent out by the Mexican communities from Cerro de San Pedro in  
San Luís
de Potosí. In Toronto, will also be asking Members of Parliament to  
legislation that calls for Canadian mining corporations to uphold
internationally recognized environmental and human rights standards.  
details about these events to be announced...


What is open pit mining?

Minerals are extracted from near the surface of the earth, requiring  
a great
deal of earth removal that later can clog and severely contaminate  
Due to the destructive nature of this type of mining, it is sometimes
referred to as mountain-top removal. Around the world, open-pit  
mining is
often conducted without the consent of the communities that are affected
and/or displaced.


Housing Network of Ontario
The Government of Ontario is developing a Long Term Affordable  
Housing Strategy and has begun a community consultation process.
Come and talk about the issues. Let’s make our voices heard.

Participate in a forum on affordable housing

Thursday, July 16, 2009
1:30pm – 4:30pm

Multi-Faith Centre, Koffler Building
University of Toronto
569 Spadina Ave (just north of College Street)

Featuring speakers from:
The Dream Team Voices from the Street
Voyageur Project Colour of Poverty

A panel of policy experts
Open discussion

Organized by Toronto partners of the Housing Network of Ontario.


Welcome to the URBAN Revolution
A book launch and discussion: "urban advantage"--the source of  
success in great cities

Thursday, July 16, 7:30 pm
Café Taste, 1330 Queen St. West, Toronto

More than half of Earth’s people now reside in cites. Close to two  
billion more will join them in the next twenty five years.
Welcome to the Urban Revolution argues that the great challenges  
facing us in this century can and must be met with new approaches to  
city building. Exploring the success of vibrant urban centers such as  
Barcelona, Vancouver and Curitiba, Brazil, Brugmann shows readers how  
citizens can transform their cities from the ground up into  
productive, equitable and sustainable places that will continue to  
serve their needs as they evolve.

Tickets: $15 at the door  (first taste included)
Please e-mail cco at for reservations, or call 416-533-1635 ext 1.
Hosted by: Conservation Council of Ontario, Ontario Smart Growth Network


Clean Air for Little Lungs Stroller Parade

Monday, July 20th, 10 - 11 am
In front of the Ontario Legislature (Queen's Park)

Bring your kids and noisemakers to let Premier Dalton McGuinty know  
that parents say "no" to dirty diesel trains.

Featuring a musical performance by children's entertainers Soli and Rob.

For more info: Elizabeth Littlejohn <histrung at>
Brought to you from the Clean Train Coalition


Meeting with your MP on Climate Change

Just Earth has been holding briefing sessions on lobbying your Member  
of Parliament.

The last MP briefing session for this summer will be held Thur. July  
23, at Greenpeace, 33 Cecil St.

1-2:00 pm for new people (on how to lobby your MP)
2-3:00 pm for follow-up (participants in a previous session)
To rsvp or for more info, <info at> or 416 629-1996


12th Annual Social Justice Summer Retreat!

August 20th to 23rd, Algonquin Park

Taking Your Activism to the Next Level!
Registration is Now Open! Early bird registration available until  
July 31st!

Featuring Kevin Annett, Victoria Freeman,
Bob Lovelace, Sakura Saunders, Judy Rebick and much more…..

Please visit for more information and online  

    This year’s programming will focus on indigenous issues in Canada  
and the question of transforming power. What are some of the  
challenges people must face in decolonizing themselves? How has  
Canada treated its own indigenous people? Can we change our society  
before we address our own internalized oppression? Where does true  
change begin? Is there a different way of doing politics that can  
build more sustainable and inclusive movements?

    Join us for a truly engaging and eye-opening weekend, where you  
will be challenged to reflect and rethink what you already know. You  
will also walk away with concrete skills, such as facilitation, cyber  
organizing and coalition building to help you build a more just and  
inclusive organization, community group, student movement, union or  

    Who will be there? Activists of all ages as well as their friends  
and family. Those that protest for global justice and against poverty  
to those fighting for safe drinking water, decent jobs, human rights  
and against climate change – we welcome everyone trying to make a  
difference, be they from inside politics, organizations, or outside  
the system. We welcome activists from all walks of life: everyone  
from the Indigenous Peoples, labour, the faith community,  
environmentalists, low income groups, equity seeking groups, youth  
and students.

    If you self-identify as someone trying to make our world a better  
place, please join us.
For those with children, childcare is provided for children aged 3+  
during hours when there is retreat programming. Activities are also  
arranged for young teenagers.

Here’s how your days might be filled:

Workshops and plenary sessions on how to make your activism more  
effective and inclusive
Free time at the lake with swimming, canoeing and nature trails
Evenings with music, story telling and campfires
Participating in as many sessions as you wish

Registration includes accommodations in cabins, all your meals, and  
full access to camp facilities.

Register online at 

Early Bird Registration (until July 31st) - $200
Regular Registration - $220
Children 5-12 years - $95
Children 2-4 years - $65
Children 0-2 years - Free

Transportation from downtown Toronto (round trip via coach bus) - $46/ 

Check our website regularly for updated program information:


Toronto City Workers on Strike: Battling Neoliberal Urbanism

By Gre Albo and Herman Rosenfeld, Bullet No. 232, July 2 2009

    On June 22nd, City of Toronto workers walked off the job leaving  
garbage uncollected, parks and recreation programmes shutdown,  
daycares shuttered and a range of services critical to city living  
suspended. Faced with some one hundred pages of contract demands and  
concessions, a stark break in the wage pattern already established  
for other city workers, administrators and politicians, and a major  
take-back on sick leave banks, the 18,000 members of Canadian Union  
of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 79 representing inside workers, and  
the 6,200 members of CUPE Local 416 representing outside workers,  
voted more than 90 percent in favour of a strike.
Continue Reading:


Support CUPE 79 & 416 - Toronto City Workers on Strike

By Socialist Project, Bullet No. 233, July 4 2009

    The Socialist Project supports the 24,000 members of CUPE 79 and  
416 (Canadian Union of Public Employees) on strike for equity,  
justice and in defence of the rights they have fought for over past  
decades. These union members normally work in areas of public health,  
homes for the aged, parks and recreation, social services, as well as  
housing and court services, road maintenance, snow removal, animal  
rescue, as well as garbage and recycling collection.
It's critical that all unions clearly understand the tremendous  
dangers they confront if the city workers are defeated: contracts  
everywhere will be threatened with roll-back and takeaways. It's  
urgent that all unions rally to the side of the CUPE locals against  
their employer.
Continue Reading:



Eulogies and Condolences for Tooker
and Stories of ecology and activism
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