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Paul A Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Mon Dec 26 11:55:20 EST 2005

RECYCLED from Toronto's 2005/06 Curbside Collection Calendar.
Some of these are Ontario-specific but most apply anywhere.

Canadians flick hundreds of millions of cigarette butts on the ground each
year. Indoor smoking restrictions and a reluctance to use car ashtrays
have resulted in smokers using the great outdoors like a giant ashtray.
- cigarette butts are not biodegradable: they are made from toxic material,
not cotton, and can take decades to degrade
- wind and rain carry butts into our water supply
- animals, birds and fish mistake them for food
- cigarette liter causes numerous fires every year, some disastrous
What can you do?
- use outdoor ashtrays or have one installed
- carry a pocket ashtray

- buy only what you need
- share seldom used items

FRUIT comes in its own wrapper! Bananas and oranges don't need to be put
in clear plastic bags -- their skins are natural wrappers. Just put them
straight into your grocery cart. The fewer non-recylcable plastic bags you
bring home, the fewer you have to throw out. 

If you have an OLD FRIDGE running in your basement, the greenhouse gas and
smog produced to run it every year weighs as much as a fully grown bull

RECYCLE LEAVES - right back where they fell. After a summer of grass
clippings and produce scraps, your backyard composter likely needs some
'brown' material. Use your lawnmower to chop them up (mulch) and use them:
- around trees and shrubs as mulch
- on your lawn to decay and return nutrients to the soil
- dug into your garden to add nutrients and moisture-retention

During the HOLIDAY SEASON use reusable gift bags and boxes, give gifts
with minimal packaging, and consider giving gifts that don't require
wrapping -- concert tickets, memberships or gift certificates for
interesting classes.

If you've just recycled a large box/bag of NEWSPRINT, you've just recycled
as much paper as you can get out of a 20-year-old tree (better yet don't
buy a daily paper in the first place!). It takes 90 litres of water to
create 1 kg of new newsprint. 

Every kwh of energy you use creates over 900g of greenhouse gas and smog.
The pollution a 60-watt bulb creates in three hours weighs as much as a
billiard ball!

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