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Marine Conservation Coordinator
Ecology Action Centre http://www.ecologyaction.ca
Marine Issues Committee http://www.ecologyaction.ca/marine_issues/marine_issues.shtm

Date posted to GoodWork: Nov 25, 2005
Application deadline: Dec 20, 2005
Start date: January 2006
Location: Halifax NS, Canada

The Ecology Action Centre (EAC), established in 1971, 
is a membership-based organization working on a range 
of conservation issues. The Centre has achieved or been 
involved with many significant environmental gains 
over the years including the establishment of recycling 
programs, reduction in the use of pesticides, protection 
of terrestrial and marine areas, and the advancement of 
sustainable transportation policy and practices. The Centre 
engages in research, education, demonstration projects and 
advocacy to achieve its goals. Our emphasis has been on 
collaboration and engagement with a wide array of resource 
users in particular fishing organizations.

The EAC's Marine Issues Committee (MIC) promotes 
marine conservation and sustainable ocean-based 
livelihoods. The Committee works on fisheries, in 
particular the impacts of dragging, consumer awareness of 
sustainable seafood, impacts of petroleum exploration and 
drilling, and marine biological invasions. The Committee 
hosted the First International Symposium on Deep Sea 
Corals, launched a legal challenge against dragging, 
initiated the first saltmarsh restoration project in Atlantic 
Canada, hastened the regulation of ballast water and 
generally raised awareness amongst Nova Scotians 
about fisheries and ocean issues.

MIC is seeking an individual with the skills and motivation 
to identify opportunities and pursue them. The focus would 
be on advancing sustainable fisheries policy and practices. 
The successful candidate would play the lead role in 
advancing fisheries management measures that encourage 
environmental protection and sustainable and equitable use 
of ocean resources.

The Marine Conservation Coordinator will build upon past 
work of MIC, including the Oceans Zoning Workshop held 
in 2004 and research and advocacy on the impacts of 
dragging on the sea floor. The Coordinator would 
participate in fisheries and integrated management 
initiatives as well as work with ocean users across Nova 
Scotia and Atlantic Canada who are keen to implement 
ocean conservation measures. The Coordinator would work 
closely with the Marine Coordinator and the Marine Issues 
Committee and assume responsibility for building the 
marine team at EAC.

Scope of Work

* Identify and build on existing opportunities to advance 
protection and sustainable use of the oceans
* Work with fishing organizations and other ocean users to 
encourage zoning and other conservation measures through 
integrated management meetings and other fora
* Attend and participate in fisheries and ocean science and 
management meetings
* Work with volunteers to develop projects and build 
capacity of the Marine Issues Committee
* Work with the Marine Coordinator on national and 
international sustainable fisheries campaigns

Desired Skills

* Enjoy working with a wide range of people to identify, 
promote and implement win-win solutions
* Have a background in marine science or policy, 
particularly with respect to Atlantic Canada fisheries
* Great people skills including ability to work with industry 
and government
* Experience and competence in negotiation around natural 
resource management
* Familiarity or experience with marine mapping an asset
* Experience on the water an asset
* Experience with a non-governmental or community based 
* Writing for a public and government audiences
* Experience in public speaking and campaign coordination 
an asset.

The individual would work with the Marine Coordinator 
and the Marine Issues Committee of EAC.

Salary: $36,000 plus benefits
Start date: January 2006
Job Term: 18 months with options for continuation


Please send your curriculum vitae and covering letter to 
Mark Butler, Ecology Action Centre, 1568 Argyle St., 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2B3 or fax: 902-422-6410 or 
action at ecologyaction.ca  Only successful candidates will 
be contacted. For more information call 902-429-5287 or 


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Ecology Action Centre

Marine Issues - Ecology Action Centre


Aquatic and Marine Issues & Ecosystems - links, organizations

Sustainable Fisheries



Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Environmental Groups & Organizations
Businesses http://www.ecologyaction.ca/gifts.shtm (at right) 
and across Canada http://www.planetfriendly.net/ecoportal.html


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