[Sust-mar] letter to premier re subsidies for cars

Paul A Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Mon Nov 28 22:37:02 EST 2005

Nothing in the queue today, so you are stuck with a lame letter from me. 
Feel free to cc sust-mar on your letters to our elected leaders. I will
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BTW, I got a disinterested reply that my letter was forwarded to the
Utility Review Board. 


The Honourable Michael G. Baker, Q.C.        
Acting Minister Transportation and Public Works   
Via fax: (902) 424-0532                 

The Hon. Rodney J. Macdonald
Minister Tourism, Culture & Heritage
Via fax: (902) 424-4872

                                   28 October 2005

Dear Minister Baker and Minister MacDonald:

I am glad your government decided not to further subsidise the purchase of
cars, even fuel efficient cars. A car-free taxpayer, my family already
pays for road construction and maintenance.  We further subsidise car
owners by paying for the additional healthcare, police and other services
that the proliferation of private motor vehicles entails. So, I am
relieved that my family will not be further subsidising motorists. 

How about tax credits and rebates for people who choose not to own a car
at all? That is much better for our environment than a fuel-efficient car.
Encouraging more people to be car-free would save the province a lot of
money. Imagine the savings of fewer roads to twin, less expensive highway
infrastructure and reduced need for healthcare (cleaner air, fewer
accidents and improved personal fitness). 

If your government has a long term vision for encouraging people to move
around Nova Scotia in an environmentally responsible and healthy manner,
what about investing in and promoting public transit? My family had
ambitious vacation plans for discovering Nova Scotia's South Shore this
summer. Those plans came to an end when a Nova Scotia tourism agent told
us there is no longer bus service to the south shore. Later, we learned
that your agent misinformed us. But, it goes to show that public transit
is not a priority for the Nova Scotia government if even the tourism
agents who assist travelers do not know about bus services that are there. 

Please make public transit a priority.

Wishing you all the best, I am,


Paul A. Falvo

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