[Sust-mar] Clearing by Noon - back after 15 years with Peace Songs CD!

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Sat Oct 1 06:52:13 EDT 2005

  Clearing by Noon, the vocal trio of Sandy Greenberg, Rose Vaughan 
and Catriona Talbot is back!  A fifteen-year hiatus necessitated by 
life and children is over, and the sweet harmonies and social 
conscience that marked their first incarnation can be heard again. 
Originally a four-person support group, including Marsha Lake, turned 
performing group, Clearing by Noon will be appearing on Bev Lamb's 
show "Touchstone" on CKDU, 97.5 FM, this Saturday, October 1 at 11:00 
a.m.with some live songs and a chat.

     Clearing by Noon is in the preproduction phase of their first 
recording.  This will be a CD of all peace songs, from the well-known 
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone" to some unknown gems such as Woody 
Guthrie's "Peace Call" and the Hebrew songs "Machar," as well as 
some original songs.  Proceeds from this CD will go to benefit local 
peace groups.

     Advance copies of the CD can be purchased by contacting Sandy 
Greenberg at 455-8544 or emailing 
<mailto:razz at razzmatazz.ns.ca>razz at razzmatazz.ns.ca.  The cost is 
$20.  Advance purchases and song sponsorships will be an important 
part of raising the funds for this project.

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