[Sust-mar] website - Atlantic First Nations Environmental Network

Paul A Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue Oct 4 07:45:54 EDT 2005


Nothing in the sust-mar queue today. On days like today when there is
nothing to post and I have time, I am going to try featuring a website
from the Chebucto Community Net directory of environmental organisations.


Starting, appropriately enough, with the Atlantic First Nations
Environmental Network.

Atlantic First Nations Environmental Network

(the Network)

The Network is a place to share information, knowledge and ideas and act
together to improve First Nations community environments.

The purpose of the Network is to create a network of involved and/or
interested First Nation People in the Atlantic Region to discuss
environmental issues or concerns in their communities. Through this forum
environmental issues can be examined and/or addressed; linkages with other
First Nations, organisations and government can be established; provide
support to Atlantic First Nation communities in the resolution of
important issues and provide advice to the First Nation leadership on key
environmental issues within the Atlantic Region. 


Let me know please if you object to my featuring random websites in this
way or if you have other suggestions.

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