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Tue Oct 11 21:51:17 EDT 2005

> October 10, 2005 
>  "Stop the rape of our fisheries and oceans, once and for all." *Prime
> Minister Paul Martin, May 2005* 
> * * 
> Despite this statement, the Federal Government has yet to recognize the most
> damaging human activity to the sea floor. *Bottom trawling* (dragging) has
> been compared to clearcutting the ocean floor.* *Steel plates and heavy
> rollers are dragged across the seabed, ploughing up everything in their
> path. Huge nets haul up tonnes of coral, sponges and other sea – life which
> are thrown back dead or dying – all to catch just one or two commercially
> valuable types of fish. In a matter of weeks, bottom trawl fishing can
> destroy what took many thousands of years to create. There are
> alternatives– fish can be caught without destroying habitat. 
>  The Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans Society are bringing a bottom
> trawling net from the East Coast to Parliament Hill from October 14th to
> October 21st to present their message to the Canadian Government that bottom
> dragging is the most destructive fishing gear type. 
>  *The Canadian Government must take immediate action to protect fish habitat
> as well as rare and threatened corals and sponges from bottom trawling in
> Canadian waters. Canada must also support a UN moratorium on bottom trawling
> on the high seas. * 
>  Join scientists, conservationists, and fishermen for one or all of the
> following events along our Canadian Drag Net Tour: 
>  *Halifax * *Friday October 14th,* *11am – 4pm*: *Spring Garden Library*,
> Kick off event 
> * Noon:* *Dal Tech Auditorium,* across from Library – Multimedia
> Presentation: "Deep Sea Life, Dragging and Alternatives" 
>  *Saint John* *Monday, Oct. 17th:* *Market Square.* 
>  *Montreal * *Tuesday, Oct. 18th*: See website for location updates.
> Conservationists and fishermen available for discussion. Net available for
> photography. 
>  *Ottawa * *Wednesday, Oct 19th, 9:30 am – 11:30 am*: *Parliament
> Hill:* Information
> event, display and Multimedia presentation*** 
> ** 
> ***Thurs, Oct. 20th, 7pm: **University of Ottawa. Rm 142 Complex
> residentielle*. Multimedia Presentation and panel discussion. 
>  *Help **protect fish habitat and rare and threatened species. You can make
> a difference. * 
>  Write to Prime Minister Paul Martin. Visit
> www.ecologyaction.ca/gearshift<http://www.ecologyaction.ca/gearshift>
> . 
>  Keep visiting for information and updates: 
> *www.ecologyaction.ca/gearshift <http://www.ecologyaction.ca/gearshift>
> www.livingoceans.org <http://www.livingoceans.org>
> www.savethehighseas.org<http://www.savethehighseas.org>
> * 
> **Volunteers wanted for the Ottawa event – please call Gina at (902)
> 453-6433 or (902) 426-1871 or email at patterson.gina at gmail.com.*

Sadie Beaton
Sustainable Seafood Coordinator
Ecology Action Centre
seafood at ecologyaction.ca 

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