[Sust-mar] on the verge of a tremendous victory = take action now!

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Wed Oct 19 08:01:13 EDT 2005


We're on the verge of a tremendous conservation victory. Imperial Oil has
declared the MACKENZIE GAS PROJECT to be uneconomic without federal
subsidies. Imperial will announce mid-November whether it will go ahead
with or abandon the project.

The MGP is much more than a pipeline that will devastate the ecosystems of
the Mackenzie River Valley. The gas it will pump into the Alberta Tar
Sands would raise GHG emissions beyond Canada's Kyoto commitments.

TAKE A MINUTE to email the Deputy PM, Minister of the Evironment and NWT
Premier. Go to Sierra Club's TAKE ACTION NOW page for a link that sends
email to all of these at once:

Or cut and paste the letter below. Or write your own letter.

Take Action: No More Subsidies to Big Oil

Oct 18, 2005

Imperial Oil is seeking $2 to $3 billion in federal subsidies to construct
the Mackenzie Gas Project, which includes two pipelines (the longest of
which is 1350 km long) and three natural gas fields. This $7 billion

Imperial Oil is already fabulously profitable, with over $500 million in
profits in the second quarter of 2005; the oil industry, including
Imperial Oil, already receives $1.4 billion in government subsidies every

Say no more to subsidies to Big Oil!

Write, email or fax Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan,  with copies to
Environment Minister Stiphane Dion and NWT Premier Joe Handley and tell
them to say no to more subsidies for the Mackenzie Gas Project and yes to
investments in energy efficiency and wind and solar power. Send a copy of
the letter to Sierra Club of Canada too!

Dear Deputy Prime Minister McLellan

I am writing to urge you to reject the request by Imperial Oil and its
partner companies for additional federal subsidies to the Mackenzie Gas

Imperial Oil, ExxonMobil (Imperial Oil
The oil and gas industry already receives $1.4 billion in annual federal
subsidies, according to a recent Pembina Institute study.  As well, the
federal government has already set aside considerable funds to support the
Mackenzie Gas Project including $500 million to address socio-economic
impacts on indigenous communities related to construction of the Mackenzie
Gas Project.

These oil companies should abandon the Mackenzie Gas Project if it remains
uneconomic even with these federal subsidies, the high price of natural
gas, and the tremendous amounts of capital available to them.

Instead of subsidizing multinational oil companies to build
environmentally destructive megaprojects, the federal government should
focus on investing in energy efficiency and alternatives to fossil fuels. 
I applaud your government for its commitments in these directions so far. 
Such investments are the way to meet our Kyoto Protocol commitments as
well as provide relief to consumers and small businesses from higher fuel


Coordinates for Ministers:
Hon. Anne McLellan
Deputy Prime Minister
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6
McLellan.A at parl.gc.ca
mailto:McLellan.A at parl.gc.ca
Fax (613) 943-0044 

Hon. Stephane Dion
Minister of Environment
House of Commons
Ottawa ON  K1A 0A6
Fax (613) 996-6562
mailto:dion.s at parl.gc.ca

Hon. Joe Handley
Government of the Northwest Territories 
P.O. Box 1382
Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9
Fax (867) 873-0169
mailto:premier at gov.nt.ca

cc your email to Sierra Club of Canada:
mailto:communications at sierraclub.ca

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