[Sust-mar] housekeeping

Paul A Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Oct 27 08:51:34 EDT 2005

WELCOME to all the new subscribers who joined us recently. We are 335 now!


The NEW LIST works amazingly well from my point of view. How is it from
yours? Your public or private FEEDBACK is welcomed.

The DIGEST works a little differently now. No longer once a week, it goes
out when the accumulated messages reached a pre-determined size. I think I
can adjust it. Digest subscribers RSVP if you would like the DIGEST more or
less often.

HTML messages are no longer verbotten. But the system STRIPS ATTACHMENTS
and HTML before sending messages to the digest. So, almost a third of
subscribers, plus those who can't read html to begin with, won't see your
message. So, PLAIN TEXT is still encouraged. Saves bandwidth too.

FINANCES/NEW CARDS/CCN DONATION: Thanks to the generosity of sust-mar
subscribers and an unexpected contribution from CESR, we have $208.38
after paying our account at web.net. If there is no objection, I plan to
spend some of that on ordering new sust-mar cards with the updated
coordinates for the list. Also, I would like to make a contribution to
Chebucto Community Net for its support for sust-mar for over a decade.
But, I'd like to know if there is support for that before I do it ... RSVP
if you agree with making a $75 donation to CCN from sust-mar

That's all ... again, don't hesitate to reply publicly or privately if you
have comments or suggestions on sust-mar. It was a suggestion from Peter
Watson that got us moved over to web.net
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