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Job Available at HolistiClean Cleaning Services

Position: Eco-Cleaning Specialist
Organization: HolistiClean Cleaning Services

Date posted to GoodWorkCanada.ca: Aug 1, 2006
Application deadline: Aug 16, 2006
Start date: Aug 22, 2006
Location: Halifax NS, Canada

Company Description:

HolistiClean is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic 
cleaning service that caters to private homes and small 
businesses. We are attempting to run a completely 
sustainable business on all levels. We use products that are 
safe for the environment, our staff and our clients. We also 
travel by bicycle to minimize carbon emissions and we pay 
our staff a fair wage. Our approaches to sustainability are 
multi-faceted and are constantly improving. HolistiClean is 
a growing business that focuses on quality in our cleaning 
service as well as efficiency. We strive to be the best and 
most meticulous cleaning company in the Maritimes.

Job Description:

The chosen male or female applicant(s) will be members 
of the part-time/full-time eco-cleaning staff. Individuals 
will first go through a paid training process where they 
learn how to clean the HolistiClean way. Individuals will 
be responsible for all tasks involved in cleaning a house 
or small business and will travel by bicycle with all of the 
equipment in a trailer. This is not a cushy job!!! Cleaning 
houses and riding a bike around the city is very physically 
demanding and there is a lot expected of employees. If 
the job is done properly there are many perks involved. 
At HolistiClean, a job well done is always rewarded. 
The position starts at $10/hr for training, and upwards 
from there.

Applicants must: 

- be nice and sociable.
- be very comfortable riding a bicycle around Halifax 
Regional Municipality.
- own or have access to a bike they are comfortable with.
- be in good physical shape.
- be non-smokers.
- have a very good work ethic and know the meaning 
of doing a job right the first time.
- have an interest in environmental issues.

Staff Testimonial:

"Being apart of the Holisticlean crew has been a great team 
experience. It is rare to find fellow co-workers enjoying 
what they do and giving 100% every time when they do 
a job. One of the best parts of this job is having such an 
excellent employer. Luc is very supportive of all his 
employees. In addition, he is concerned with the welfare 
of his employees, he is always available and he is interested 
in answering any question they have. Holisticlean has been 
an amazing experience of which I am sad to leave, but 
happy knowing that someone else will have the opportunity 
to be apart of this amazing movement." - Ariel, parting 

Deadline: August 16th, 2006

Contact: Luc Cayer
Operator/Owner of HolistiClean
(902) 830-6139
holisticlean at yahoo.ca

Send CV's by e-mail to holisticlean at yahoo.ca


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