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Prince Edward Island wrote:

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> */For Immediate Release/*
> *August 29, 2006*
>       New Owners for Hog Plant
> CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI -- Natural and Organic Food Group, Inc (NOFG) today 
> announced that the company, in a joint venture with PEI Pork Plus, has 
> signed a purchase agreement with HCM Industries, based in Prince 
> Edward Island. Under this agreement, the company will purchase the 
> existing Garden Province Meats facility in Charlottetown.
> "This purchase is part of a government-supported industry mission to 
> strengthen the role and prominence of Prince Edward Island in 
> differentiated meat production within the local, national and 
> international natural and organic industry," said Mario Maillet, 
> President and CEO of NOFG. "This transfer of ownership provides a 
> positive economic impact in a value chain that extends from farm 
> producers through the plant itself to the consumer."
> "This is a great day for the hog industry in Prince Edward Island and 
> I am very excited about the potential for new value added products and 
> markets," said Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Jim 
> Bagnall. "I look forward to working closely with the new plant owners 
> and with producers to bring about a more sustainable future for the 
> industry."
> Organic food, a $15 billion industry, is one of the fastest growing 
> consumer markets in the world today, but the organic meat segment 
> remains underdeveloped.
> Prince Edward Island has a pristine environment with healthy hogs. The 
> Prince Edward Island hog industry has prided itself on maintaining 
> high health status. NOFG is implementing a business model that 
> leverages the unique Prince Edward Island environment to increase 
> differentiated pork sales in Canada, the United States and select 
> global markets as far away as Asia.
> Mr. Maillet noted, "The purchase of this plant creates a unique 
> geographic branding strategy for NOFG and extends the reach of Prince 
> Edward Island products into higher value markets around the globe."
> Immediately, NOFG is making an initial investment in upgrading the 
> plant's technology to increase production efficiencies and output. It 
> is NOFG's intent to maintain current levels of plant employment and 
> create new job opportunities over time.
> NOFG will be assisted through PEI Pork Plus to help Prince Edward 
> Island farmers to modify their farms into niche differentiated pork 
> programs. The pork produced at the plant will be branded under PEI 
> Natural, PEI Organic and PEI Omega 3, trademarks owned by Natural and 
> Organic Food Group Inc.
> Natural and Organic Food Group Inc., established in 2004 and 
> headquartered in Quebec City, is a fully integrated, socially 
> responsible leader in the production, processing and distribution of 
> organic and other niche meat and poultry products. NOFG is the first 
> and only company to bring a national and international federally 
> inspected and certified organic meat and poultry program to retailers. 
> NOFG (PEI) Inc. headquartered in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 
> is a cornerstone in implementing a fully integrated pork value chain.
> For more information, contact Mario Maillet, President and CEO of 
> Natural and Organic Food Group Inc., Phone: 418-529-9191, Toll Free: 
> 866-529-9191, Fax: 418-529-9123
> Websites: www.naturalorganic.ca or www.peipork.com
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