[Sust-mar] housekeeping - domain name questions

Paul Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ca
Sat Jun 3 22:41:52 EDT 2006

First of all, big thank you to Tamara Lorincz and Kable Frank for a very 
generous donation from the Society for Corporate Environmental and 
Social Responsibility (CESR). As many of you know, CESR runs a fantastic 
annual event called the "Dump and Run" which diverts stuff from landfill 
and raises money for community groups. This year, CESR donated enough to 
sust-mar that we can stay in operation for another year, order more 
cards AND get a domain name that is easier to remember.

CESR's support is the reason I put their URL at the header of every 
sust-mar message. Please visit CESR and say nice things to them.

And now my questions to you, dear Sust-Martians ... the domain I propose 
to go with is www.sustainablemaritimes.ca

Long, but easier I think to remember and spell than www.sust-mar.ca 
because many people misspell "sust-mar"

Easier to remember and tell your friends than the current:

Question 1: Do you agree? Got a better idea?

Question 2: Any advice from you techies on how to set up the domain? I 
want to go through CCN in order to support CCN. However, their online 
instructions sent me to CIRA which sent me to private domain registrants 
which charge much less than CCN and seem to combine hosting with 
registering. So, I am left wondering how do I register it one place and 
get it hosted by CCN -- presumably redirecting the virtual domain to the 
actual one (above).

Clear as mud? I was planning on putting the question to CCN. But wanted 
to see if any Sust-Martians have helpful advice first.


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