[Sust-mar] [SCC-issue-alerts] Action Alert: Call Stephen Harper - Save Kyoto (613) 992-4211

Paul Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Mon Jun 26 01:26:04 EDT 2006

Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to hear from all Canadians to save 

Our civilization is headed full steam ahead toward catastrophe, and we 
need to make it a top priority to turn that around. Calling the PM is 
one way of contributing to that turn-around.

What you can do:

1.      Call the PM at 613-992-4211.

2.      Ask to speak directly with PM Stephen Harper and if you can’t, 
leave a message.

3.    Tell him: "Mr. Prime Minister, please commit Canada to meeting our 
Kyoto targets and agree to longer term deeper reductions because Kyoto 
is a first small step to slowing down the climate crisis."

Put (613) 992-4211 on speed dial and call more than once. Tell your 
family and friends to call. Get on speaker phone and call with your 
whole family before dinner.

Call to save the planet. Call to stop the climate crisis. Call to save 

Visit: www.sierraclub.ca <http://www.sierraclub.ca/> for more 
information on the climate crisis.

Are you a member of the Sierra Club? We need your support to continue 
our work! Please join, renew or donate today. 1-888-810-4204 or visit 
www.sierraclub.ca to find out how!

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