[Sust-mar] MEC Board of Directors Election - please vote if you are a member

Karen Miner karenminer at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 7 12:16:16 EST 2006

I have already contacted some of you directly regarding the current Mountain
Equipment Coop Board of Directors election. Thank you again for your

If the information in this e-mail is new to you and you are a MEC member, I
encourage you to take a few minutes to act on your right to vote. And
support of my candidacy for a spot on the Board of Directors is appreciated.

More information on the MEC Board of Directors election:

The race is officially on for the Mountain Equipment Coop Board of Directors
positions, and I'm a hopeful candidate! The election started on Feb 17/06 &
runs until April 7/06 (www.mec.ca). The race is a tight one, with 10
candidates (2 of which are incumbents) vying for 3 open positions. If you
aren't aware, every member of MEC (regardless of country of residency) has
the right to vote, but most don't exercise that right (often for lack of
knowing about it!). I need 8000+ votes to secure one of the openings on the
Board if the election results from past years are a good indication.
Therefore, every vote by a MEC member counts. 

First of all, I would appreciate your personal support in the form of a
vote. Additionally, I'm hoping that you can find time to forward on some of
the information in this e-mail along to friends, family, list-servs, etc.,
and encourage them to continue passing on the word. I'm counting on this
approach as a way to reach out to MEC members across Canada and scattered
around the world. Fingers crossed that it works!!

HOW TO VOTE: Important info to send on to others. To vote, go to the
website: www.mec.ca. Click on the link to "get out and vote" half way down
on the right side of MEC's home page. From the election page, there are
instructions on how to cast your ballot by web, phone, and mail (under the
"how to vote" section). If you didn't receive an election package, you will
need to call 604.872.6630 (Vancouver area) or 1.800.474.7704 (Canada and US)
or 1.604.872.6630 (International) to get your PIN number and/or member

Here's my brief bio. More candidate information can be found on the MEC

Karen Miner, Halifax, NS
A candidate that is dedicated to corporate responsibility and member
- Passions: sustainable development, protected areas management, business,
regional planning, and fair trade.
- East to west coast perspective: from Halifax to Vancouver and other
provinces in between.
- Active community volunteer: Green Drinks, Ultimate Frisbee, and the Blue
Nose Marathon.
- TransFair Canada Board Member, national fair trade certification and
market building organization.

If you have any questions or campaign suggestions, let me know.

Thank you in advance for your help!

- Karen Miner

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