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April 1st is the Third Annual Fossil Fools Day.

Admitting you have a problem is always the first step in breaking an
addiction. Luckily, Mr. Bush has taken that first step by admitting that
America is addicted to oil. Unfortunately, Bush, Harper and scores of
other politicians and corporate CEOs have stopped right there and are
exhibiting the classic signs of an addict: denial, aggression,
avoidance, and shifting the blame.

In fact, the very next day after Bush's State of the Union Address, in
which he admitted our oil addiction, his energy secretary explained that
when Mr. Bush pledged to reduce [oil] imports from the Middle East, "he
didn't mean it literally."

It's time to STOP THE ADDICTION and on Saturday April 1st we hope you
will join with thousands of activists around the world in the 3rd Annual
Fossil Fools Day to do just that. Fossil Fools Day is a day where
citizens unite to say no to the oil pushers and demand a break from our
addiction to - an addiction that threatens our environment, our economy,
our health, our sports, our workforce, and leads us into war and
conflict around the world.

Global Exchange, Energy Action, Code Pink, Iraq Veterans Against the
War, the Rainforest Action Network, the Ruckus Society and others are
jumpstarting North America's to take action to push to real solutions
that will kick our dirty habit and put us on a path to a clean energy
future. And, concerned peaceful citizens are going to lead that charge!

Sign up today at

Help us break our oil addiction on April 1st by making this year1s
Fossil Fools Day the largest and most successful international day of
action against dirty energy so far. There are dozens of creative, fun,
educational, and attention-getting ways you can get involved. See the
list below and our website for ideas:

Contact Mike at 415 558 9490 or mike at globalexchange.org
<mailto:mike at globalexchange.org> for more info.

What You Can Do:
Adopt a Ford Dealer Near You!
1 in 7 barrels of oil is consumed on America's highways alone and Ford
Motor Company has the worst fuel economy in the automakers industry.
This addiction is leading us into war and conflicts all around the
world. By enlisting local Ford dealers as allies, we can convince
corporate decision makers that there is a demand for fuel-efficient and
zero-emission vehicles putting a HUGE dent in our addiction to fossil
fuels. You can also push your local dealers to take soft orders for
PHEV's (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) the most fuel-efficient
vehicle on the road today. Download an Adopt-a-Dealer action kit or get
more ideas about how you can organize your local dealership at

Hold your own Oil Addicts Anonymous Meeting!
Every good 12-step program begins with a meeting. Why not put some
posters around town, place an ad in the local free paper and start your
own Oil Addicts Anonymous (OAA) chapter. On Fossil Fools Day hold your
first meeting at your local Ford dealership. Make it a truly festive
occasion with some punch and cookies? Hopefully you can get your local
dealer to participate. Download action resources at

Pass a Green Fleet Resolution On Your Campus or Community!
You can launch a campaign in your community to green the vehicle fleets
of your university, city or state. Pass a resolution and get your
government -at any level- to replace those gas-guzzlers with hybrid,
electric, and bio-diesel vehicles. You can also get your campus or
community to place soft orders for PHEV's which, is one of the best ways
to show your commitment to fighting oil addiction. Download a Green
Fleets action kit at http://jumpstartford.com/action/greenfleets_resolution/

Tell Ford to Stop Biggering
This year instead of building a fleet of PHEV's, or increasing its
commitment to hybrids beyond 4%, Ford decided to increase the size of
two of its already GARGANTUAN SUV's. The Expedition alone is increasing
to a MONSTOROUS 19 ¦ feet in length. Ford's willingness to BIGGER its'
vehicles reminded us of the very telling story of the Onceler in Dr.
Suess' "The Lorax". This Fossil Fools Day why not remind Ford what being
addicted to "Thneads" - products we don't need like SUV's - means by
holding a screening of the Lorax movie at your local dealer. If you
don't have a projector stage a story time reading or dress up as your
favorite character and deliver a copy to your local dealer. Remember
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lots, nothings going to
change its just not."

Fight for Efficiency & Renewables on Your Campus or in Your Community!
You can launch a campaign in your community to green the vehicle fleets
of your college, university, city or state. Pass a resolution and get
your government -at any level- to replace those gas-guzzlers with
cleaner, more efficient vehicles. You can also get your campus or
community to place soft orders for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
Plugging our cars into a grid powered by dirty energies like coal,
natural gas, oil, and nuclear is not a solution to our addiction, so
we've got to clean up the grid, too. Push for efficiency and clean,
renewable energy on your campus or in your community today! Find
resources & register your action:
We need to stand up and show that we will be safer, healthier and
wealthier with energy innovation! It's time to end our addiction to oil
and push for a fossil fool free future.


Mike Hudema
Independence from Oil Director
Global Exchange
2017 Mission Street, Suite 303
San Francisco, CA 94110
ph. 415 558 9490 ext. 230
fx. 415 255 7498
www.jumpstartford.com <http://www.jumpstartford.com>

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                                              - Jack Kerouac

"I was willing to die for my country but I wasn't willing to die for oil."
                                              - Joshua Key, US war
resister on the war in Iraq

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