[Sust-mar] Innovative, grassroots citizen's conference

Helen Jones hjones at chebucto.ns.ca
Sun Oct 15 20:45:26 EDT 2006

An invitation from the convenors of the "plan b" conference -

Greetings! We are glad to invite you to join a gathering in Halifax at the
North Street Church (corner North St. & Fuller Terrace) on Saturday November
11, from 3-7pm, and Sunday Nov. 12 from 10am to 5pm.

The title of the conference is "What is plan B? -- Engaging the power of
community to prepare for the effects of climate change, rising energy costs,
and economic instability."

You can expect:

* Meaningful conversations with other concerned people and the exchange of
creative ideas
* A dynamic panel discussion/open forum with Av Singh, Marjorie Willison, Ed
Belzer and others
* Delicious organic meals provided by Big Life Food (please bring your own
cup, dishes and 	cutlery)

Bring your passion and responsibility!

We intend this conference to be a seed which may grow into a diversity of
wise actions. In addition to a panel discussion/ open forum, we will be
using modalities such as 'world cafe', talking circles, and 'open space
technology.' With a diversity of people, and highly relevant issues (we
think so!), we look forward to some very meaningful conversations. And we
look forward to seeing you there!

Some thoughts on plan b:

Plan b is about engaging community to co-create these responses. It is about
finding new/ old ways of speaking and listening. It is about teaching
ourselves about relocalization, cooperation, collaboration, and sharing. It
is about taking a hard look at how our most basic needs can be met, our
food, safety, and shelter -- and then planning collectively to establish
closer connections in securing those needs if 'conditions' were to become
more difficult. It is about taking what is most viable -- our wisdom, our
kindness, our human scale arts and crafts, from agriculture to music -- into
a future that is more loving to ourselves and the planet than what we have
managed in the past. This will not be easy. It will challenge us immensely
in ways we can't now imagine, and yet, as many of us realize, radical change
is a must if we are to avoid the troublesome outcomes we are heading for.
Our now familiar conditioning characterized by the attitude that it's just
too much hassle to engage with and work with others, will have to transform
into the energy and courage and skillful means to do just that.

The factual evidence on our three approaching patterns is unequivocal, it is
not an “if,” but a "when,” and more and more often we hear that the pace is
quickening.  The only chance we have of meeting those challenges with some
success is collectively -- basically it's about banding together, although
individual survival -- with sanity and health, is very important too. The
good news is that much already has been done. Communities around the planet
are seeing the pathways and beginning their own relocalizations, their own
turnings. Via the Internet they share their learnings, and offer help and
joy too.  There is much real work to do. Perhaps a good story would also be
helpful -- a megastory if you will (please check out the URL below if you're
inclined) and see how this one sounds to you.  Thanks.

Conference cost is $25 per day or $40 for both, including food.
Pay as you can is negotiable.
Space is limited.  Please RSVP to lifeboat_b at yahoo.ca

Please feel free to forward this invitation to whomever you think would both
appreciate our gathering and enrich it as well.

Thank You.

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