[Sust-mar] Nov 4 - National Policy Conference on Ecological Tax Shifting & Environmental Economics - Halifax, Nova Scotia

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November 4, 2006 will see the first of a series 
of national policy conferences unfold at the 
McNally Theatre Auditorium, on the campus of 
Saint Mary’s University, 923 Robie Street, 
Halifax, Nova Scotia. ( 
<http://greenplus.ca/map2st-mary.html>Map ) ( 
<http://greenplus.ca/agenda.html>Agenda )

The National Policy Conference on Ecological Tax 
Shifting and Environmental Economics will be 
chaired by Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green 
Party of Canada, and features four nationally 
known experts as speakers and panellists:

Ronald Colman, Executive Director of GPI (Genuine 
Progress Index) Atlantic and Research Director 
for the Canadian Well-Being Index.

Peter Victor, Professor of Environmental 
Economics at York University in Toronto.

Taylor, Executive Director of Ecological Fiscal 
Reform for the Pembina Institute.

van Iterson, Program Manager of the Green Budget 

So, join us in Halifax on November 4, 2006, for 
the beginning of a stimulating and inclusive 
national discussion of policy alternatives that 
will help shape Canada’s policy discourse for the 
foreseeable future.

There is no cost to attend! To register now 
<http://greenplus.ca/register.html>please click 

For more information, please contact Chris Alders 
via email at: 
<mailto:calders at greenparty.ns.ca>calders at greenparty.ns.ca
or via the phone at 902-678-0326


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