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*Bio Fuels Forum  - 'Can P.E.I. Agriculture Be a Net Energy Producer?'*
Thursday November 9

*Bio-fuels Workshop -'Securing Our Energy Needs'*
Thursday and Friday November 9 & 10

                /"The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem
        insignificant today, but such oils may          become, in the
        course of time, as important as petroleum of the present time."/
        /        Dr. Rudolf Diesel (inventor of the diesel engine), 1912/

Bioenergy, led by grain ethanol and oil seed biodiesel, is an emerging 
market for farm income diversification. Grains, grasses and other 
fibrous crops can also be used as solid fuels for heat and electrical 
generation, or converted to liquid fuel.

This public forum will explore the current and potential pathways for 
production of biofuels from Island farms. It will also provide an 
opportunity to learn about the ADAPT Council's  new  'Biofuels 
Opportunities for Producers Initiative (BOPI),' which provides funds for 
investigations as well as technical, financial and business planning of 
liquid biofuel production for transportation purposes.

The Bio-fuels Workshop will be a 2-day, hands-on education and 
demonstration event where participants will actually use a biodiesel 
processor and learn to make biodiesel fuel to run diesel cars, tractors, 
trucks, etc.

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. (Priority will be 
given to Island producers.) For more information contact the PEI ADAPT 
Council office: 902-368-2005.


Phil Ferraro, Executive Director, P.E.I. ADAPT Council
c/o The Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue, Room 103
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada  C1A 7Z5
Phone: (902) 368-2005
Fax:     (902) 368-2520
Email: adapt at pei.aibn.com

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