[Sust-mar] Invitation to join the Long Lake Provincial Park discussion list

J. Ross Mayhew rmayhew at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 22 02:53:46 EDT 2006

    If anyone on the Sust- Mar list would like to a) keep abreast of 
developments related to Long Lake Provincial Park (a provinial park the 
size of penninsular Halifax, just a few minute's drive from downtown), 
b) take part in the discussion about the park's initial management plan, 
which we are now approaching the "draft version" of,  or c) discuss 
matters pertaining to the park in general, then i would like to invite 
you to join our discussion group, which is hosted on Yahoo at 
http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/llppa/ - you have to be a Yahoo member 
to join, but aside from finding a user name not already taken 
(surprisingly tricky at times!!), it is a simple process which takes 
only a couple of minutes (and contrary to popular rumor, they don't spy 
on you either....).

Sincerely yours,
Ross Mayhew of the LLPPA - Long Lake Provincial Park Association.

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