[Sust-mar] Aboriginal Rights Coalition Learning Event: May 5

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 The Aboriginal Rights Coalition-Atlantic, with whom Breaking the Silence
has had a long relationship (especially in relation to  the human rights
observer program in Esgenoopetitj/Burnt Church), invites you to a day on
cross-cultural learnings at Tatamagouche Centre.
                ARC-A Cross-Cultural Learnings Day

May 5, 2007; Saturday 10am to 4pm

Tatamagouche Centre

  Do you, or are you interested in, working with Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal
projects here in the Maritimes? Do you have an interest in the
cross-cultural gifts and challenges in our work with ARSN and Breaking the
Silence partner organizations? Do you want to share what the best practices
are for this work?  Do you want to get more involved?

This is an opportunity for Atlantic Canadians to gather and reflect on what
we are learning, so far, about working cross-culturally in the world.  We
will hear from both sides, from people who are working in other countries,
as well as people who are working here at home, building respectful
relationships across cultures.  We will discover common themes, interesting
challenges and important differences in cross-cultural work, as we bring
together those who are involved in each of these areas.

Come for a great discussion. Come to find out how to get involved. Come to
share your perspectives, to learn and to get connected with some very
interesting people and organizations!

*Resource people* : Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members of the Aboriginal
Rights Coalition – Atlantic (ARC-A); Aboriginal elders; members of the
Breaking the Silence Network; immigrants; intercultural educators;
international students.  *Dr. Debbie Castle*, an adult educator who has
worked for more than a decade in international development and intercultural
education, will facilitate. This gathering is co-hosted by ARC-A. Special
thanks to the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation, for financial

Cost: $35 includes hearty meal, snacks and program

To register, or for more information, please contact Tatamagouche Centre
1-800-218-2220 or www.tatacentre.ca

*Following this event on Saturday, the ARC-A Annual Gathering will take
place on Saturday evening on Sunday. *

 ARC-A Annual Gathering

May 5, 6; Saturday 4pm to Sunday 3pm

Tatamagouche Centre

Every year, this cross-cultural coalition meets for ceremony, council and
strategic planning, following an educational day at Tatamagouche Centre.
All are welcome to this gathering, so please plan to come for the Saturday
program, and stay on until Sunday.

Cost: $70 (includes meals and accommodations)

To register for the ARC-A Annual Gathering, please contact Shirley Childs in
Riverview NB 506-386-1063 or childse at nbnet.nb.ca

Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network - The objective of ARSN is to maintain
a dialogue between groups in Atlantic Canada who work in solidarity with the
people of Latin America and the Caribbean


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