[Sust-mar] Sperry's Beach Update- July '07

Tom Daly tom_d at chebucto.ns.ca
Sat Jul 7 11:19:59 EDT 2007

We have been quiet- but quietly working-  thanks for your patience, as 

Finally, some news:

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The Objects of The Society are:
to ensure that the Sperry's Beach area:
	- remains dedicated in perpetuity for the benefit, education and
enjoyment of present and future generations
	- is protected as a significant, public and sensitive environmental and
recreational resource and an affirmation of our cultural and natural
so as to leave it unimpaired for the benefit and enjoyment of future

(As you will recall, this is the Vision Statement unanimously adopted at
the July 28, 2004 public meeting, and is adapted directly from Section 2
of the NS Beaches Act.  This Vision Statement became the broad mandate
of the volunteer Sperry's Beach committee that has been working on
behalf of the community.)

Membership in the Society is open to "any individual over the age of 18
years who upholds the objects of the Society": you (and anyone you care
to pass this message on to) are invited to continue your support by
joining the Society:  there is no membership fee.

An email, a phone call or a letter will be sufficient to register your
support.  Please include your first and last name and preferred method
of contact (mailing address / email, etc) and send to

	Tom Daly
	99 Tannery Road
	RR1 Petite Riviere, NS
	B0J 2P0
	p 688 2883
	f 693 2403
	e td at eastlink.ca

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The creation of this 'legal entity' was necessary in order for us to
present factual information regarding the ownership of Sperry's Beach
and the sandspit to a neutral mediator who has the power to order a
binding resolution.

The formal legal documents required to accomplish this are currently
being prepared by our legal advisors, and a further Update will follow
as soon as this has been accomplished.

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Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Councillor Don Zwicker has
given notice that he will put forth a motion at the July 10, 2007
Council meeting to rescind Council's March motion to obtain the Old
Drew's Hill Road.  In light of this development, our Councillor, Karen
Dempsey, has asked that we forward the following to you:

----- Begin Forwarded Message -----
Important Notice:  Your community needs your participation

Several members of Municipal Council have decided to attempt to rescind
Council's decision last March to accept title to the Old Drew's Hill
Road (Petite Riviere) from the Provincial Department of Natural
Resources and retain this land in the public domain. Municipal Council
on Tuesday July 10th at 2:00 p.m.will debate the motion to rescind the
March Council motion.

Old Drew's Hill Road has provided access to beaches and cemeteries in
this area for many generations.  The March motion was a promise to local
communities that this traditional access to the shoreline would be
acquired from DNR and kept in the public domain for future generations.

Your attendance at the July 10th Council meeting at 2:00 p.m. is
urgently needed, in order to demonstrate to Council the community's
support for retaining this land for public use.

Please consider adding your voice to those concerned about the actions
of Council on this issue and attend the July 10th Council meeting at
2:00 p.m. at the Municipal Council Chambers, 210 Aberdeen Road, Bridgewater.

Karen Dempsey
Councillor- District 12
----- End Forwarded Message -----

Comments may also be sent to the Municipality using the contact
information at

See you there!  And don't forget to join the Sperry's Beach Preservation

Volunteer Committee:
The Sperry's Beach Preservation Society

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