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Stu Neatby stu.neatby at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 19:29:25 EDT 2007

Please post to members of the Sust-Mar list. We are essentially looking to
build the membership list of the Halifax Peace Coalition in order to build a
stronger anti-war/peace-with-justice movement in the region.

-stuart neatby

To List-Members of Sustainable Maritimes,

As you may know, we at the Halifax Peace Coalition are attempting to
formalize HPC in order to give longevity and stability to the anti-war/peace
movement within Halifax. Over the course of the summer we will be working to
strengthen HPC's existing networks with partner organizations, implement a
plan of action for our political activism over the fall months, and, of
course, begin to fundraise.

We hope to challenge Canada 's increasing alignment with the US empire, and
the globalized system of inequality that is the underlying root of global
conflict. Among other goals, we hope to organize local resistance to the
Canadian visit of George W. Bush in late August, organize "radical frosh"
events in September for new students to become exposed to social justice
activism, strengthen a campaign of military counter-recruitment, and,
hopefully, spear-head the organization of a national tour of ousted Afghan
parliamentarian Malalai Joya.

In order to accomplish these goals, the Halifax Peace Coalition will need a
base of informed activists and community members who are willing to unite
against Canada's disastrous foreign policies in Haiti, Afghanistan,
Israel/Palestine, Colombia, and elsewhere.

This is where you come in.

In order to accomplish these goals, HPC will need a mailing list of members.
We will be using this in order to inform our membership of upcoming events
(particularly our five-year anniversary party in the fall!), to provide
bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters, and, for those who are able, to help
facilitate our fundraising efforts.

We are asking you to join our members list today.

If you are interested in being part of the HPC mailing list, please send an
e-mail to stu.neatby at gmail.com with the following details:

Mailing Address:
Phone Number:

HPC will endeavour to ensure that members are not constantly inundated with
e-mails or phone calls. However, in order to build an effective peace
movement in this vital military port town, we will need your help.

In solidarity and in hope,

Stuart Neatby
Halifax Peace Coalition
stu.neatby at gmail.com

*Halifax** Peace Coalition's Objectives:


   1. Providing a public forum in HRM for discussion of Canadian peace,
   defence and global security policies in relation to the root causes of war:
   economic injustice and conflict over global resources.

   1. Enhancing access to underreported information and analysis of the
   causes of global conflicts, and Canada's role in these conflicts
   through speaker series, list-serves, use of independent media, etc.

   1. Speaking out and encouraging public action on peace, security and
   disarmament issues through letter-writing, newspaper editorials, rallies and
   demonstrations, engaging with local media, supporting independent media, and
   public campaigns.

   1. Fostering increased communication and cooperation among local
   progressive organizations (peace, solidarity, environmental, labour,
   development) and individuals.

   1. Building a Regional Network with peace organizations across the
   province and region to increase the effectiveness of local actions within
   the larger Atlantic Canadian peace movement.

Check out the Haiti Art School Project
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