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For your interest.
    David Orton
    <greenweb at ca.inter.net>
    Greetings fellow greens,
    There will be a meeting of northern Nova Scotia greens in the Program
    room at the New Glasgow Public Library, 182 Dalhousie Street, at 7pm
    on Friday, June 8th.
    The focus of the meeting will be to get to know each other and to
    discuss local green issues. Recently there has been a lot of hype
    about the green movement. You may already be a long-term
    environmentalist or crusader for social justice or just somebody
    concerned with the state of the planet. Being green probably means
    something different to each of us - what does being green mean to
    you? This meeting is a first step along the pathway to building a
    like-minded community of greens in our region. Let us help each other
    to find out how we can be of mutual assistance in advancing the
    interests of the Earth and of social justice, and in upholding our
    personal sanity in these dangerous times. We can help each other out
    with ideas about how to apply green principles and philosophies to
    our everyday lives. We can be useful to each other, and together we
    can make a real impact.
    This is not just a meeting of the Green Party of Nova Scotia (GPNS).
    Greens from all political parties and people with no political
    affiliations whatsoever are welcome to attend. And although
    non-members can join the GPNS at Friday's get-together, this meeting
    is not about membership or about fund-raising. Ken McGowan, leader of
    the GPNS, has asked to give a ten-minute talk on "The Subversion of
    Do well by doing good.
    Come join us on Friday at this inaugural meeting and participate in a
    grass roots level discussion.
    Pat Nelson (Seafoam): 351-3886; work: 893-3325
    David Orton (Saltsprings): 925-2514
    Billy MacDonald (Scotsburn): 485-4688
            Visit the Green Web Home Page at:
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