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Margaret Tusz King margaret at tatacentre.ca
Mon Jun 18 12:55:04 EDT 2007

What inspires women's yearning for deeper connection with our environment? How can we recognize our soulful connection, and share it with others?  Experience this through music at the women's gathering:


"Singing the Wick of Desire, with Carolyn McDade"

Tatamagouche Centre, August 10-12 (Friday 7pm to Sunday 1pm)


Carolyn McDade is a lover of language and sound, who, for more than 3 decades, has been bringing together women to sing songs that weave personal integrity, social vision and planetary wholeness. She brings the resources of her long story, her recorded music, the written word, and her intense exploration of that which matters. Her previous recording, "O Beautiful Gaia", gathered and shared poignant, moving music of women's connecting with the land. Her newest recording, based on the principles of the Earth Charter, will be released this fall.  Join Carolyn, and bring along your love of the Earth, of the environment and of the caring community we need to develop, for humanity to live in balance and reciprocity with one another and the community of life of which we are an inextricable part. that life as a whole may flourish.

Cost: $325 (includes program, meals, accommodations)


To register, or for more information, please contact Tatamagouche Centre at 1-800-218-2220 or tatacent at tatacentre.ca or www.tatacentre.ca

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