[Sust-mar] oranges all the way from China

Roger Davies daisies at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Jun 20 07:32:48 EDT 2007

Dear Suzanne,

I really am touched that you have brought me
oranges that came all the way from China,
but really, don't you think that bright glow
looks a little suspect, and, well, can we
really justify the Earth burden of actually
getting these oranges to us, from halfway
around the world?  I know we have a lovely
little world all of our own, but our lovely
little world, we must recognize in a more
sobering moment, exists within the larger one,
the one where Chinese fruit gatherers are paid
so little for their orange picking efforts, not
to mention exposure to toxic sprays.
What does it take to grow an orange
in China? I ponder.  When we go down
by the river, please give me an apple
that came all the way from the Annapolis
Valley -- I really will be even more touched.
Let's touch its perfect body with our minds.
Oh yes, which brings me to the question
of perfection in the look of fruit.  Nature
is perfect as it is, when fruit, when each
fruit, looks like itself only, windblown
and maybe munched on a bit by some
hungry insect, with the occasional spot,
but let's learn to love each fruit more
for its spots, and even you Suzanne
will, someday, have the occasional
spot, which in no way will disturb
my love for you....hello, Suzanne,
are you still there?  Just one more
thing, I'm reconsidering the bit about
my traveling blind:  too many bruises
and bumps.... think I'll open my eyes
now if that is ok...hello, Suzanne??

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