[Sust-mar] Urgent! Open Pit Gold Mine

kim thompson shipharbour at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 27 10:48:18 EDT 2007

Hello All,

This is a personal request to you all  - the proposed open pit mine  
will have a huge impact on the Eastern Shore, the chemicals used in  
processing, the location, economics, lack of community process etc.  
are all flags that this is not a good plan. Please read on and send  
in a comment/s to the address below. It only takes a minute and every  
submission means a great deal. We only have until Friday, March 30,  
to do this.

Also please circulate this message widely. Copying and posting it to  
those not on email, and encouraging your neighbours and friends to do  
the same.

Thanks.          Kim  Thompson, Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association


An application to start the operation of an open-pit gold mine in  
Moose River was registered with the Nova Scotia Department of  
Environment and Labour on March 17th, 2007.  As far as we know, there  
was no public consultation outside the communities of Moose River  
Gold Mines, and Upper Musquodoboit.  Residents to the south of the  
proposed mine site have not actively been consulted, even though they  
are likely to be amoung those most affected by the project because  
they are downstream from the mine, particularly the communities of  
Lake Charlotte, Upper Lakeville, Beech Hill and Ship Harbour.

The operation will be an open pit mine and will cover over 650 acres  
at the northern boundary of the proposed Ship Harbour Long Lake  
wilderness area.

In addition to the mine’s impact on the land, toxic chemicals such as  
cyanide and arsenic associated with gold mining, are a major concern  
for waterways (fish, wells, etc.) downstream. Neither, according to  
the company’s report, is there is a detailed hazardous materials plan  
in the event of accidents.  It is also likely that the life time of  
the mine, and its footprint, will be extended beyond the projected  
ten years, as mining exploration has indicated more low-grade ore in  
the vicinity.

Public comments can be submitted to the government only until March  
30, 2007, at which time the project can be accepted, rejected or put  
on hold until further information can be obtained or an environmental  
assessment is requested and completed.

More information is available at: http://www.gov.ns.ca/enla/ea/ 

and at  www.forestwatch.ca

Submit  written comments to:

Environmental Assessment Branch, Environment and Labour, P.O. Box  
697, Halifax NS,  B3J 2T8              e-mail: EA at gov.ns.ca           
phone: 424-3230

This mine will influence our local environment in many ways for a  
long time.

Please alert anyone you know that may be concerned about this  
project, and take the time to send in your comments immediately to  
the web site above.
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