[Sust-mar] Shunpiking Magazine article on the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle

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Thu Mar 29 12:08:31 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

You may be interested to know that Shunpiking Magazine recently  
picked up the media release that Friends of Point Pleasant issued  
pertaining the the lack of science on the Brown Spruce Longhorn  
Beetle. It is available online at:


The central point is that this is no evidence to indicate that Brown  
Spruce Longhorn Beetles (Tetropium fuscum) attack healthy trees, i.e.  
that they are pests. Not only have the CFIA not answered what is a  
fundamental question with respect to this issue in the seven years  
since this debate began, they have not even attempted to answer it.  
This is a crucial point since if the BSLB does not attack healthy  
trees, it is not a pest, and all the effort and expense in trying to  
exterminate or contain this species are quite beside the point.

While once an important topic in relation to Point Pleasant Park, the  
issue is now of pressing concern to the citizens of the entire  
province as the CFIA has proposed a quarantine zone the size of  
Prince Edward Island within Nova Scotia and there appears to be no  
foreseeable end to this costly and possibly unnecessary campaign.  
Friends of Point Pleasant Park have called for an independent inquiry  
to asses the CFIA's science and its conduct on this issue.

Best wishes,

Christopher Majka
Friends of Point Pleasant Park

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