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Carl Duivenvoorden cduivenv at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu May 10 21:36:51 EDT 2007

Hello.  My name is Carl Duivenvoorden and I live in Upper Kingsclear, NB  I came across Sust-Mar recently and wanted to drop you a note.

Last month, I was in Nashville, Tennessee as part of a group of people selected from across the continent to be trained by Al Gore to deliver his "Inconvenient Truth" slideshow.  Mr. Gore's objective was to train 1000 people to take his message of global warming to their home communities, and I was accepted for 'Class 6', the final group.  There are now 21 Canadians among the 1000, including one other Atlantic Canadian, Peter Corbyn of Fredericton.  

I've just started a year's leave of absence from my job so I can focus on this task, and starting next week, I'll be spending my time presenting the show to as many groups as I can. I have a particular interest in reaching teachers and their students of all ages, because I see both groups as key influencers of grassroots behavior change - but I'm game to speak to any group that is willing to listen.  "An Inconvenient Truth" has been the catalyst for bringing the message about our global climate crisis to the forefront, and I'm looking forward to using my energies to bring it to more and more people across Atlantic Canada.  

In taking the training each participant had to agree to do 10 presentations over the next year, but I'm hoping to do far more than that. The interest so far has been fantastic, from all 4 provinces.  

I thought you might be interested in this.  Feel free to drop me a line if you know of any group interested in a presentation.


Carl Duivenvoorden
"An Inconvenient Truth" Global Warming Messenger
110 Mazerolle Settlement Road
Upper Kingsclear, NB, Canada  E3E 1V5
Tel (506) 363 8117
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