[Sust-mar] Tell Harper to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Now!

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Fri May 18 09:49:56 EDT 2007

Sust-martians ... 

I signed a petition telling Prime Minister Harper to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions now. 

Public support for the Kyoto Protocol is higher than ever, but Prime
Minister Harper is defying the will of the public by refusing to meet
Canada's Kyoto targets. 

You can help ensure Canada meets its targets by signing this petition
today <http://www.sierraclubaction.ca/main.html> . 

Let Prime Minister Harper know you expect him to create and implement a
credible plan to meet Canada’s 2012 Kyoto target and that you want him
to save Canada’s reputation on the world stage by returning Canada to
the UN negotiating table now. 

I encourage you to learn more about this issue and to sign the petition
<http://www.sierraclubaction.ca/main.html>  calling for Prime Minister
Harper to meet Canada’s Kyoto targets. 

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