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Are you a teacher who:                 

·         is looking for free educational material? 

·         educates students in grades 5 to 12?

·         teaches science, social studies, English or French?

·         is looking for fun and exciting curriculum for wetland education? 


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Quagmire may be just the game for you and your students!



DEADLINE:  MAY 30th 2008


Quagmire est aussi disponible en français!





More Information about Quagmire:

·         A simulation game for wetland decision making for grades 5 to 12.

·        Provides a real-life situation regarding the proposed development of a saltwater marsh.

·        Student-oriented and hands-on.

·        Students role play various interest groups including government, industry, tourism, agriculture and environmental organizations to "debate the fate" of a saltwater marsh in front of municipal councillors.

·        Community members try to affect the debate for their preferred outcome. After the debate, councillors vote on what should be done.

·        Newspaper and radio reporters cover the events.

·        A decision must be made and nothing is finalized until the councillors vote and decide the fate of the saltwater marsh.   


The cost of Quagmire ($150) is covered by Green Street, which is a "Standard of Excellence" for high quality environmental education programs that are provided by prominent Canadian environmental organizations.  Green Street pre-screens environmental organizations and their programs to ensure that students and teachers receive quality materials.  There are many environmental programs that are offered free via Green Street. 


Please contact Catherine Joudrey anytime at (902) 420-7935 or cjoudrey at clean.ns.ca <mailto:natalie at clean.ns.ca>  if you have any questions concerning registration or the implementation of Quagmire.





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