[Sust-mar] URGENT: Help Stop the flawed Truro Pesticide Bylaw and urge the province to take action /RUSH !!

Helen Jones hjones at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Apr 2 07:20:00 EDT 2008

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The Town of Truro is looking at passing a misguided pesticide bylaw that
does nothing to reduce pesticide use and provides little protection from
pesticides to anyone.  No one can stop a pesticide application even if it's
5 metres from their home, and even if it takes place every week.  If passed,
this could be the weakest of the 140 pesticide bylaws in Canada! 


Pesticide Free Nova Scotia (PFNS)* urges you to send a brief sample message
to the Town of Truro (cc'd to the provincial government) asking them to
concentrate on public education for the moment and demand NOW that the
Municipal Government Act (MGA) be revised to give all municipalities equal
rights to prohibit cosmetic landscape pesticides.  The Union of Nova Scotia
Municipalities (UNSM) asked the province to do this last fall (the UNSM
resolution received not one negative vote).  But nothing has happened yet.


Time is Short!


On Monday, April 7th at 1 pm Truro's town council will begin 2nd Reading of
their draft bylaw and are open to comments from the public and/or written
submissions (now and on Monday).  The flaws in this proposed legislation,
together with suggestions for much better approach, are posted on the
website for Real Alternatives to Toxins in the Environment (RATE).


Click on the message at the top of  RATE's Homepage 



This takes you to the RATE's ACTION page



There are links there to

            * the text of the draft bylaw (not posted on the Town of Truro
website when last we looked)

            * A CRITIQUE of the draft bylaw, point by point, written by
Pesticide Free Nova Scotia (PFNS)

            * A Contact List for Truro town officials , and

            * For FAST action, a sample letter you can copy and email if
that is easier.


The ACTION page also lists all the email addresses to Truro's Mayor and
Councillors as well as 

the Premier & four provincial ministers to Cc- the message to.  Easy.


Please take a few moments and do this now to help reduce cosmetic landscape
pesticide use everywhere in Nova Scotia.


Thank you!


Helen Jones 

For Pesticide Free Nova Scotia



* Pesticide Free Nova Scotia (PFNS) is a coalition including the Canadian
Cancer Society-Nova Scotia Division, Citizens for a Safe Learning
Environment (CASLE), Ecology Action Centre, Environmental Health Association
of Nova Scotia, Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia, Real
Alternatives for Toxins in the Environment, and Sierra Club of
Canada-Atlantic Chapter.  


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