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Heather McKibbon hennymac at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 12:06:06 EDT 2008

*HANDS ON PROJECTS ETC. is hosting a Natural Building Workshop
When: August 29th, 6:00pm - August 31st, 4:00 pm
Where: Ship Harbour, NS (1 hour east of Halifax)
Price: $225 accommodations and meals included
Availability: Maximum 12 participants (sliding scale options available
contact for more info)

Contact: Heather McKibbon at hennymac at gmail.com or 902-476-6160 for more
info or to register.

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 Natural Building Workshop Series: Structures
 Introduction to Pole Frame Construction and Green Roofs

For beginners and experienced builders, this workshop offers the opportunity
to learn about green roof systems, and simple round wood construction
techniques, tools and design through hands on experience in raising a pole
frame shelter. Inspiration for the workshop grew out of the process of
designing and building a straw bale home and a recently completed
traditional log sauna in Ship Harbour, NS. These two projects will act as a
starting point for design of the workshop structure. Local materials and
appropriate building practices will be explored throughout the workshop. The
site is located on the wild and beautiful Eastern Shore on Weeks Lake, a 10
minute walk to the ocean.

Kim Thompson has been leading natural building workshops since 1993. She
currently teaches at the School of Architecture and is co-coordinator for
Green Building at the Ecology Action Centre and founder of Hands On Projects
Etc. She offers natural building design and consultation work with
individuals and organizations.

Robie Sagar and guest Wolfgang Willard are long time carpenters and timber
framers with a focus on natural building and reuse materials.


6:00 Registration and accommodation set up
7:30 Introductions and orientation to the Straw House and straw bale

8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Introduction to natural building systems with a focus on round
        wood construction and living roofs. Tour of buildings which
        illustrate these techniques at Ship Harbour.
10:30 Introduce Wood Shed project, tools, safety, time line
         Map out footprint. Peel logs.
12:30 Lunch (out door bread oven pizza)
1:30 Set posts and construct frame
7:00 Supper (local mussels)
8:30 Slide show on natural building
10:00 Sauna option

8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Introduction to Green Roofs and frame out roof
12:00 Lunch (local smoked fish)
1:00 Complete living roof
4:00 Debrief and finish up

For more information contact Heather McKibbon at hennymac at gmail.com or

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