[Sust-mar] sharpen your activists tools - 2 great workshops at Tatamagouche Centre

Margaret Tusz King margaret at tatacentre.ca
Mon Jan 21 15:35:08 EST 2008

Sharpen your activist tools!


Join the Catalyst Centre trainers at Tatamagouche Centre for 2 exciting workshops that will transform your activist approach, help you hone your educational message, and enable you to become more effective in your activism.  


Trickster Pedagogy and Praxis
February 12-14; Tues 7pm to Thurs 1pm
Every culture has a rich tradition of tricksters, clowns, fools, jesters, and more, found in stories and traditions that preserve an ancient form of teaching that uses riddling, storytelling, and playfulness to teach by misdirection. Not exactly a secret knowledge - trickster pedagogy lies largely ignored or overlooked by dominant as well as alternative forms of education. This workshop explores some of the history of these practices, shares some trickster practices through storytelling, drawing, and riddling, and includes some of the theory that frames many of these practices, to allow educators and activists to strengthen their practice for social change.
Leadership: Chris Cavanagh is a popular educator, storyteller, and graphic artist who has worked in popular arts production, coalition building, anti-racism, international solidarity, and democratic organizational change. He is a co-founder of the Catalyst Centre, worked with the Doris Marshall Institute for Education and Action and the Naming the Moment Project workshops, and has worked in human rights and social justice education since 1979. Chris also teaches Popular Education for Social Change at York University in Toronto. 

Cost: $350; $270 for commuters

If People Counted: Popular Economics Workshop and Curriculum Development
February 15-17; Fri 7pm to Sun 1pm
Popular economics challenges dominant and common notions of what economics is all about. The Catalyst Centre offers numerous popular economics activities that increase economic literacy, debunk dominant notions, and envision more just and equitable processes for sharing wealth, caring for each other and preserving the planet. This workshop highlights the Catalyst Centre's approach to popular economics, and offers effective techniques and skills. For educators and activists of all stripes who wish to develop popular economics curricula, or incorporate these activities into their educational work.
Leadership: Chris Cavanagh (see above). Matthew Adams is a co-founder of the Catalyst Centre, works for rabble.ca (an online alternative magazine), consults with unions, coalitions, and non-profits, and is the publicist for the Toronto Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts. Matt enjoys co-hosting his podcast "I read the news today (oh boy)" which features poor sound quality and rants about politics. 

Cost: $470; $390 for commuters

For more information or to register, contact Tatamagouche Centre 1-800-218-2220 or www.tatacentre.ca

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