[Sust-mar] News Release: Uranium Moratorium a "Sham"

Gillian Thomas meander at glinx.com
Mon Jan 28 13:51:00 EST 2008

January 28, 2008. For immediate release


The Hants County environmental group C.A.P.E. (Citizen Action to  
Protect the Environment) is calling on Natural Resources Minister  
David Morse to halt exploration work by Capella/Tripple Uranium  
Resources pending their release of results from drilling in uranium- 
bearing areas.
             Describing the current state of Nova Scotia’s uranium  
moratorium as a “sham,”
the group’s letter points out that Capella/Tripple Uranium has been  
drilling in areas with well-documented significant uranium  
occurrences with no government requirement or timetable for the  
release their results.
             Referring to recent statements by Premier MacDonald  
praising nuclear power as a solution to climate change as “wishful  
thinking,” C.A.P.E.’s letter points out that the uranium mining  
part of the nuclear cycle consumes colossal amounts of fossil fuels.  
More importantly, the astronomical costs of reactor construction  
diverts funding from renewable energy projects whose beneficial  
effects in reducing emissions come into effect immediately.
             The letter provides a partial list of the wide range of  
medical, agricultural, labour, environmental and community groups  
that went on formal record opposing uranium exploitation when the  
issue was raised in the 1980s. C.A.P.E. was one of several groups  
formed in opposition to uranium exploration and mining at that time.  
In recent years the group has focused largely on forestry issues. At  
its January meeting in response to the urgency of the threat to the  
Province’s uranium moratorium C.A.P.E. struck a Mining Committee to  
work on the issue. Speaking for the Mining Committee, C.A.P.E.’s  
Gillian Thomas said, “It’s clear that the present government is  
failing to honour the intention of the uranium moratorium and is  
joining with Capella/Tripple Uranium in giving the general public the  
impression that restrictions are in place despite the fact that an  
aggressive uranium exploration program is actually underway.”

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