[Sust-mar] "From Our Atlantic Woods"; Non-timber forest products directory

Sarah J d'Apollonia dapollsj at gov.ns.ca
Fri Jul 11 08:26:22 EDT 2008

"From Our Atlantic Woods"; Non-timber forest products directory

Seeking an outlet to advertise your Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)?

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources is teaming up with
representatives in all four Atlantic Provinces and the state of Maine to
create a non-timber forest product (NTFP) directory called “From Our
Atlantic Woods” where you can publish your NTFPs and services for
FREE. What are non-timber forest products (NTFPs)? NTFPs are any goods
or services derived from the forest which do not include conventional
wood products such as timber and pulpwood. Examples include everything
from raw resources like fiddleheads, mushrooms, birch bark and fir pitch
to value-added products like maple syrup, rose hip jelly, berry wine,
bent willow furniture and also non-consumptive services such as,
eco-tourism and guided bird watching tours. 

The goal of the “From Our Atlantic Woods” directory is to
facilitate the development of a vibrant, diverse and sustainable NTFPs
industry in the region. The directory, which will include photos,
recipes, information on historic and modern uses, harvesting information
and more will be available online and in a printed format. Copies will
be distributed at Sobeys outlets, farmers’ markets, NS-DNR offices,
tourism booths, craft fairs and other venues as well as from the
listees’ places of business. If you, or someone you know, would like
to take advantage of this FREE promotional opportunity please contact
Sarah d'Apollonia at 1-866-226-7577 or email woodlot at gov.ns.ca. Or, if
you wish to seek additional information on this project, please visit

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