[Sust-mar] GPNS policy development forum

Derek Andrews communications at greenparty.ns.ca
Fri Mar 14 10:06:12 EDT 2008


One year ago the Green Party of Nova Scotia had its first policy
development forum. It was a great success. Once again we are calling on
the members of the GPNS to get involved, but this year we are also
inviting the citizens of Nova Scotia to get involved with our policy
development. The Green Party of Nova Scotia wants to hear the ideas and
opinions of all Nova Scotians. We are looking forward to your 
involvement in our ongoing policy process. We ask you to help us develop
policy that represents the Green values that are important to you.

There are a number of draft policies waiting on the forum. Please
register at  http://forum.greenparty.ns.ca  and give us your opinions,
ideas, and submissions. This is a moderated policy forum.

Or contact us at policy at greenparty.ns.ca

Thank you

GPNS policy committee

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