[Sust-mar] Consultation on Genetics and New biotechnologies

Roger Davies rogerdavies at eastlink.ca
Tue May 27 07:52:39 EDT 2008

  On June 5, Anne Mitchell will be discussing the Consultation on  
Genetics and New biotechnologies put on by the World Council of  
Churches in South Africa this past winter.  There will be a  
discussion to  follow.  Halifax North Memorial Public Library, 2285  
Gottingen St., 7-8:45PM.

Anne Mitchell is the Executive Director of the Canadian Institute for  
Environmental Law and Policy (CIELAP), an independent, not-for-profit  
professional research and educational institute committed to  
environmental law and policy analysis and reform.  Founded in 1970,  
CIELAP provides leadership in the research and development of  
environmental law and policy that promotes the public interest and  
sustainability.  Current research areas at CIELAP include  
biotechnologies; nanotechnology; waste; and water.

Before joining CIELAP in 1992, Anne was a founder and Executive  
Director of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern  
Africa (Canada).   Her work at IDAFSA was to raise funds for the  
legal defence of political prisoners and their families in South  
Africa, and to raise awareness in Canada about apartheid and the need  
to dismantle it.

Anne has also worked in southern Africa in a rural community; on  
development education issues in Canada; as a group counselor in a  
juvenile delinquency institution in Quebec; and as a high school  
teacher in Scotland.

As well, Anne is a member of various committees and working groups.   
These range from the Public Advisory Panel of the Canadian Plastics  
Industry to the global economic justice program committee of KAIROS.   
She is a past member of the Steering Committee of the Canadian  
Environmental Network and the Governing Board of the Canadian Council  
of Churches.  She is currently a board member of the Quaker Institute  
for the Future and is incoming clerk of the Canadian Yearly Meeting  
of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Anne was a delegate at the recent global consultation on genetics and  
new biotechnologies in South Africa, convened by the World Council of  

Anne has a Master of Arts degree (International Affairs) from  
Carleton University. 

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