[Sust-mar] Paul Falvo wants you to take action on: UN Climate Summit: Countdown to Copenhagen.

pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Dec 16 18:23:12 EST 2009

   Sustainable Martians,
   I've just joined David Suzuki Foundation supporters and millions of
   people all over the world who want world leaders - including Canada's
   Prime Minister - to sign an ambitious, fair and binding agreement to
   safeguard our future at the crucial UN climate change summit in
   Copenhagen this December.
   Climate change is a serious threat to our prosperity and our future.
   But, the greatest threat is our own inaction.
   Action on climate change is not only good for our environment. Global
   action on climate change will also open up tremendous job and business
   opportunities in the emerging clean energy economy.
   For the sake of the health of our economy, environment and future, I'm
   urging you to join us in taking action to safeguard our climate.
   Please take a minute to send a message to Canada's Prime Minister and
   opposition leaders in the House of Commons.
   [1]Click this link to take action now!!
   Some email systems do not support the use of links and therefore this
   link may not appear to work.
   If so, copy and paste the following into your browser:
   Paul Falvo


   1. http://www.kintera.org/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?c=mqLVIYOuGlF&b=5560589&aid=13189&refid=279232763

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