[Sust-mar] Solar Shelter Courses: Halifax & Bridgewater

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Thu Jan 8 13:31:05 EST 2009

Hello Solar Nova Scotia member or friend!

Solar Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the next courses of Solar  
Shelter Design, a practical, how-to course on designing and building  
solar shelters, incluing greehouses, solaria, additions and  
especially solar homes.

This course is intended for the general public and for those in  
design and construction. The main instructor is one of Canada's most  
experienced solar designer-builders, Don Roscoe.

Here's the outline:
(1) _Solar Basics_ of active and passive, an affordable approach.
(2) _Climate Control_ for comfort and health, energy and the environment
(3) _Site Designing_ working with nature
(4) _Shelter Designing_ bringing you, your needs, and your site together
(5) _Solar Construction_ ground frost insulation, heat storage slabs,  
     types and systems and solar mechanicals
(6) _Making It Happen_ costing, controlling costs, contracting, doing it
     yourself, case studies, and other approaches.

Fee for the course is $90 for individuals and $150 for couples and  
includes a hand out. If you don't have a textbook (The Solar Shelter  
Manual) already, you can buy one at the course for $15.

Upcoming Courses
When you register, we'll need to know (a) if you're single or a  
couple and (b) contact information for you in case something changes.

Note that each course has specific registration info.

HALIFAX: At NS Community College, Leeds St. Halilfax, Six Tuesdays  
7-10:00pm starting Jan 13.  Register at: 852-4758

BRIDGEWATER: Bridgewater HIgh School. Six Thursdays 6:45-9:45pm   
starting Jan 15. Information and registration from Sandy Mair: 543-2274

Daniel MacKay Secretary, Solar Nova Scotia

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