[Sust-mar] Solar Nova Scotia Members & Friends Survey!!

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Fri Jan 23 08:01:52 EST 2009

Hello Solar Nova Scotia member or friend!

(if you're on our mailing list, you've already gotten this message-  
please disregard -- AFTER filling out the survey of course.)

Firstly, please plan to attend  the Solar Nova Scotia AGM on the  
evening of Thursday, MARCH 19!  We have something reaaaaaly big to  
show you!  Details will be out long before the AGM but in the  
meantime,  mark your calendars for the unveiling of this MAGNIFICENT  
new thing!

Now, the main event: I'm writing you today to ask you for some input  
into your society's focus.  Over the last couple of months, the Solar  
NS board has worked with a team of Dal School of Management students,  
who have created a survey and will crunch the resulting numbers for  
us. Thanks guys!

Now it's your turn!   Tell us what you want from Solar Nova Scotia!

The students have had done some surveying of the public and amongst  
themselves; now it's time to get input from members and friends of  
the society.  That also includes you if you're an employee of one of  
our corporate members, and also you if you're a friend of the society  
(or  a "future" member as I prefer to think of you.) In short, if you  
get this message, please fill out the survey!  It's not onerously  
long; it'll take you under ten minutes.  So, please - before noon on  
Tuesday (or better yet, right now!) fill it out.   Here is the link:


On behalf of the board, thanks for your input.

Daniel MacKay
Secretary, Solar Nova Scotia

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